A Developer’s Guide to Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is interestingly poised with an explosive numbers of connected devices, proliferation of sensors and new smart solutions it brings in. For a developer who loves innovative challenges it is an area to be right now but for an aspiring developer or a developer who is eyeing at IoT here are the top skills that a professional needs to be equipped with. Embedded Things IoT is…
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IBM Watson, IoT and how it can help Agriculture in India

Convergence of several technologies has made the Internet of Things a reality now in various fields including agriculture. India is predominantly an agrarian society with around 60% of population involved in farming. Of late, agriculture has also been widely reported and is a topic of concern for the hardship the farming community faces due to various reasons. In our continuing article on IBM…
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8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Honor 8 Pro

Honor 8 Pro has emerged as a dark horse this year which actually seems to have snatched the flagship killer moniker from the OnePlus 5. Here are 8 good reasons why you could consider buying the Honor 8 Pro. Design – A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever “Being slim is the new elitism” and Honor 8 Pro has taken it very seriously. Measuring just 6.95mm for a phone that houses…
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