VIVO V5s Review

market analyst firm like Counterpoint and Canalys,  the company has secured third position in the Indian Smartphone market in the first quarter of 2017 securing a neat 10% market share. The surge is largely due to its single minded focus on offline channels and the marketing blitzkrieg along with its brilliant tapping of the selfie craze that many of the smartphone users are fond of. The Vivo V5…
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IBM Watson Conversation: Unlocking goldmine of unstructured information

Back in 2011, IBM created a flutter by debuting IBM Watson on the TV show Jeopardy and enthralled the public where the artificial intelligence defeated Jeopardy’s all time champions, not one but two.  Since then much water has flown in the AI space and the technology has got into the mainstream consumer technology with companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft focusing on the AI…
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Aegon iTerm, online protection plan relaunched with new features

Aegon Life AD Rider: In case of an accidental death of the life assured, the sum assured under the rider will be paid. Aegon Life iCI Rider: It covers 4 critical illness conditions i.e cancer, open chest CABG, first heart attack and stroke. Aegon Life WOP Rider: For the above mentioned 4 critical illness, future premiums payabale under the base plan and riders (if any) are waived …
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