How Indian users engaged with Alexa during lockdown - Here are the stats

Amazon has shared some interesting trivia or insights on how Indian Alexa users have engaged with Alexa during the lockdown period between March 1 – May 31. Alexa got thousands of requests every minute from customers during the lockdown!Alexa reminded customers to drink water or take medication every 2 minutesRequests for workout music increased 3XAlexa got some extra love in Hindi…
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SanDisk Dual Drive and SanDisk Memory Manager - Dual Drive, Multipurpose Daily Drives

Yes, the Smartphone storage has got better now. Even budget mobiles with 32GB storage has become common these days, so some might even think do we still need the little pen drives still? Well, hell yes, it still has its place and let’s see why. It’s for no reason that the feature called OTG is enabled in most smartphones these days and is also one of the most deciding factor for many…
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