SanDisk Dual Drive and SanDisk Memory Manager – Dual Drive, Multipurpose Daily Drives

Yes, the Smartphone storage has got better now. Even budget mobiles with 32GB storage has become common these days, so some might even think do we still need the little pen drives still? Well, hell yes, it still has its place and let’s see why. It’s for no reason that the feature called OTG is enabled in most smartphones these days and is also one of the most deciding factor for many when they choose their smartphones. Not everything needs to end up in the phone storage, there are different needs and use cases.  Mini USB Pendrives are convenient for immediate backup,to move files between Smartphones, PCs and laptops. To carry your  favourite media files, when you are on travel, to take quick backup of the memories you shoot on camera and many more. While the storage has become beefier on the smartphones, so is the media contents stored, so still the Dual drives make sense to free up the space instantly and for safe backup too. And with Sandisk Dual drives having cross compatibility with Android, Mac , Windows it offers seamless transfer between various gadgets and qualifies it to be one of the most versatile little gadget to carry around. Western Digital owned Sandisk has wide range of mini drives which they call as Dual drives. The Sandisk Dual with USB 2.0 plug at one end and the more contemporary Sandisk Ultra Dual with a faster USB 3.0 plug. Then there are various storage options to choose from ranging from 16GB to 128GB. The Ultra dual with the USB 3.0 connector is backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports and can get speeds of upto 150 MB/s, so works well if you are a habitual big transferer of big media files. Apart from the drive itself what captured my attention was the Sandisk Memory Zone app available both on App store and Play store.  The app is a neatly done memory manager to manage on your phone, the card and in cloud.  And not just the memory management, the app can also has few more aces up its sleeves by doubling as file browser, backup, file compressor and also integrated media player. There are two utilities that stand out for me in this app, one is the automatic backup which I can schedule it on one particular day of a week and time and it makes sure my new contents on my phone be it the photos, videos or even files are automatically backed up into the drive. Neat, no manual work here. Secondly, It also allows to backup the images I put into the social media apps like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook which I might be posting from different devices and all gets backed up again here when I give the necessary permission to the app. Again, pretty neat and practical. It also allows to push the content to cloud directly via the app. So now you might agree with me right? mini drives are not going to be history and SanDisk Dual Drives along with the Memory Zone app has made it a worthy addition to check in a gadget must have lists. Share your thoughts.]]>

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