Godrej EVE PT Security Camera Review – A no-hassle security solutions for Home

Godrej, the Indian brand is a household name in the country, while they have their presence in many consumer segment, the trust they gained over the Indian consumer’s psyche with their ‘safes and locks’ are formidable with reputation gathered over generations. Carrying forward the security forte they are known for, they have also expanded into new age security solutions with the EVE range of security cameras  primarily targeted at home segment and indoors and SeeThru range primarily for outdoor and commercial segment. EVE, the company says stands for Easy Viewing Experience and they offer three models – Godrej Mini, Cube, and PT. In this Godrej EVE PT review, let’s see if this would solve your security needs.

Design and Build Quality

When you look at a security solution especially inside home, you don’t want something that would intimidate the people around you and also not have a device that sticks out awkwardly in your otherwise tastefully done home decor. Godrej PT is a “cute” looking device that looks more like a futuristic robot in action. (It reminds me of the Star Wars BB-8!) It is made of good quality poly-carbonate and the build quality and finish leaves no room for complaints. The Godrej PT can be mounted on the ceiling or it can be placed on a flat surface. With the ability to be kept on a flat surface it offers more portability and can be moved between your rooms in case you want to. The base has an anti-slip rubber grip. The box also comes with fixtures to help you mount it to the ceiling. The top sphere has the camera eye and the sphere is fixed to the base but it can rotate. The Godrej PT where the PT stands for Pan and Tilt coffers a 355 degree pan movement and a -10 to 90 degree tilt movement. The movement offers you a strategic view if strategically placed and can avoid any blind spot. A microSD card up to 128GB capacity can be inserted into the slot found in the camera sphere. There is a speaker and mic to facilitate two-way communication. The base has the ethernet port and micro USB port. The microUSB port is to power up the camera with the included cable. While you can connect a LAN cable to the ethernet port, the EVE PT  supports wireless connectivity, which would be more convenient and offers more flexible solutions.


When I asked many people what worries them about the security camera solutions, many told me is the setup process. Majority of people think, they would need a professional help in the setup of a home security camera but that is not the case atleast with the EVE. The setup is straight forward and hardly takes few minutes. The EVE PT can be powered on by the the provided USB cable and adapter and for more portability it can also be connected to a power bank also. The power bank option makes it a highly portable solution for certain special solutions for home which we shall talk later. Once you power on, the EVE PT greets you with a hello. Next step is to download and install the Godrej EVE app from iOS or Android play store.  The app is very straight forward and you can simply follow the simple instructions and it hardly takes a minute for your EVE PT to be connected.

Godrej EVE App

The EVE app bestows the power in you to control the EVE devices from anywhere. With the EVE app you can:
  • Live view from wherever you are as long as you have internet to use the app.
  • Pan or tilt the view of the camera via the app for better monitoring.
  • Initiate two-way communication remotely and also can hear what is happening in the space where your camera is installed.
  • Record video , take a snap
  • Option to record the footage on your mobile
  • Share your EVE access to another mobile
  • Motion detection alarm / notification on your mobile
If you have more than one camera in action, you can add upto 16 Godrej EVE devices to be connected to the app and monitored at the same time.


The EVE PT comes in two variants – a 1MP camera that offers 720 pixels HD video quality and another 2MP with fullHD 1080p resolution. What I got here is the 2MP variant. Video quality is good, sharp with subjects easily identifiable. There is no lag in the recorded clips. The camera has IR illumination LED and the night vision is noteworthy. The mic does a good job and the audio quality is also good. The Pan and tilt movement worked as expected and over all the performance level is impressive.

Use cases

Most security solutions offers fixed solutions. They are mostly fixed and the portability is limited. The Godrej PT with its ability to be not only ceiling mounted but also as a table top model and with the extra flexibility with its option to draw power from a power bank, offers more use cases.
  • It can be moved to any room whenever you want to.
  • It can help parents monitor the baby in another room or be alerted when the child moves or awakes.
  • If there are aged or bedridden patient the EVE offers live monitoring from wherever you are and the two way communication helps in emergency needs.
The use cases are many and the Godrej EVE PT offers a versatile security monitoring solution.


The Godrej EVE PT offers a easy no hassles security solutions especially for home segment. The setup is a no-brainer and the EVE app offers a complete control remotely. The Godrej EVE offers a reliable and affordable security solutions for many use cases people may come across. If safety is your priority, the Godrej Security solution is something I would recommend.    ]]>

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