Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Review

2020 could be considered the rise of truly wireless earbuds. They came in different shapes, different sizes and different price range down to very affordable pairs to the super premium buds like the one Sennheiser offers and what am going to review here. The Momentum 2 is the followup to the original Momentum earbuds launched in 2018. The new gen buds promises to rectify some of the flaws of the…
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7 Reasons OnePlus TV could brings Diwali Sparks in your living room

7 Reasons to buy OnePlus TV Q1 1. Its way smarter than a projector – The OnePlus TV provides a premium experience that is seamless and clutter-free. The OnePlus TV interface based on the Android TV provides the most holistic smart TV experience. This also enables quick connectivity with your android device and offers a ton of great features like the Google Assistant, Built-in Chromecast, Play…
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AverMedia Live Steamer Mic 133 Review

You would say most headsets now come with built-in microphone and why do I need another mic for streaming? Well, you can but if you are serious about streaming and dabble with voice over for your videos and simply want a quality mic to be attached to your camera or your Smartphone which many uses now as a pocket video camera for insta- stories and youtube vlogging, it makes sense to have a…
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