VIVO NEX FAQ : Everything You Need to Know about this Amazing phone

Vivo surprised the tech world with the showcase of Vivo Apex concept phone at CES this year, while many thought it would remain as concept they sprang another surprise by bringing the concept phone mainstream with the launch of the Vivo NEX. Here is the VIVO NEX FAQ where you can find every detail about the flagship smartphone from Vivo.



Question: What are the different colors Vivo NEX is available?

Answer: Vivo Nex is available in black color. The back has a holographic finish which displays a psychedelic multi colors at certain angles.

Question: What is the display size and resolution?

Answer: Vivo Nex has a 6.59 inches full view Super AMOLED display with a Full HD+ resolution of 1080 x 2316 pixels packing a 388 ppi density  and 19.3:9 aspect ratio.

Question: What display settings available?

Answer: The display setting  of Vivo Nex has auto brightness, eye protection (blue filter) ,third party app display ratio settings.

Question: Does Vivo Nex support double tap to wake?

Answer: Yes, there is double tap to turn off screen option along with smart features like raise to wake, double tap to wake options.

Question: Does Vivo Nex has Blue light filter settings ?

Answer: Yes, there is a eye protection settings which is the blue filter setting. The settings  allows you to schedule a particular start and end time for blue filter or manually enable it.

Question: What is the price of Vivo Nex ? Where can I buy?

In India, Vivo Nex is priced at Rs 44,990 for the 8GB RAM+ 128GB storage model. It will be available on retail stores, vivo website and Amazon.in

Question: What size SIM cards Vivo Nex accepts? Can I add a microSD card?

Answer: Vivo Nex supports hybrid dual SIM.

Question: Does it have Corning Gorilla Glass protection?

Answer:  No but the phone comes prelaid with screenguard both at the front and back.

Question: What is the processor used in this smartphone?

Answer: Vivo Nex runs on Snapdragon 845 with Adreno 630 GPU

Question: What is the internal storage of Vivo Nex?

Answer: Vivo Nex comes with 128GB of internal storage.

Question: Does Vivo Nex has Gyroscope sensor?

Answer: Yes, it does have Gyroscope sensor.

Question: Does Vivo Nex support VR?

Answer: Yes, Vivo Nex supports virtual reality (VR) apps.

Question: Is the buttons back lit?

Answer: Vivo Nex has on-screen navigation buttons and also supports gesture navigation.

Question: What USB type does Vivo Nex use? Micro usb or USB type C?

Answer: Vivo Nex has USB Type C port

Question: Does Vivo Nex have notification light?

Answer: Vivo Nex does not have notification light.

Question: What are the camera specifications of Vivo Nex ?

Answer: Vivo Nex has a dual camera at the rear comprising of a 12MP camera with Sony IMX 363 lens , f/1.8 large aperture and dual pixel focusing technology along with a 5MP depth sensing camera. For selfies there is a 8MP pop up elevating camera.

Question: Is there a front LED flash for selfies in Vivo Nex?

Answer: No, there is no front LED flash but it has screen flash.

Question: Does the camera has OIS?

Answer: Yes , it does have 4-axis OIS.

Question: Can we take 4K videos in Vivo Nex?

Answer: Yes you can take videos up to 4K.

Question: What are the connectivity options? Does it support VoLTE?

Answer: Yes, Vivo Nex supports VoLTE. Other options include Bluetooth, A-GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/

Question: Is there a FM app in Vivo Nex?

Answer: No

Question: How to take screnshots in Vivo Nex?

Answer: Vivo Nex has a triple finger gesture screenshot feature, there is a S-capture option in the control center and also a screenshot floating window.

Question: Can we take long screenshot in Vivo Nex?

Answer: Yes, we can take long screenshot.

Question: Does Vivo Nex support USB OTG?

Answer: Yes, it supports OTG and you can connect the USB drive to it.

Question: What is the battery capacity of Vivo Nex?

Answer: Vivo Nex has 4000mAh battery.

Question: Does Vivo Nex support fast charging?

Answer: Yes it supports fast charging and it comes with a 22watts charger. Question: What is the charging time of Vivo Nex? Answer: Using the power adapter out of the box, you can charge the Vivo Nex to 50% within 30 minutes and 90% in 1 hour.

Question: Does it have power saver modes?

Answer: Yes it has a battery saver mode.

Question: Is there an IR blaster in Vivo Nex?

Answer: No, Vivo Nex does not have IR sensor.

Question: Is Vivo Nex Waterproof?

Answer: No, Vivo Nex is not waterproof.

Question: How is the call quality?

Answer: Call quality of Vivo Nex is good. There is no ear piece grille but they use a display vibrating technology for sound conduction which works good.

Question: Does Vivo Nex support one hand UI?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does Vivo Nex has fingerprint scanner?

Answer: Yes, it has the ground breaking in-display fingerprint sensor.

Question: Does Vivo Nex support app lock?

Answer: Yes, the Vivo Nex support app lock with fingerprint sensor.

Question: Is there Face recognition in Vivo Nex?

Answer: No Vivo NEX does not have a face recognition, since it offers ultra full display and has no place for front face sensor.

Question: What OS does Vivo Nex run?

Answer: Vivo Nex runs on Android Oreo with their Fun Touch OS 5 layered on top of it.

Question: Does Vivo Nex support two Whatsapp in the same phone?

Answer: Yes, Vivo Nex support dual apps (App clone) feature.

Question: Does Vivo Nex support call recording?

Answer: Yes, Vivo Nex support call recording feature. You can choose to record all calls automatically or record custom calls automatically.

Question: Does Vivo Nex have video call feature in dialer?

Answer: No, there is no video call feature in the Vivo Nex dialer. Question: Does Vivo Nex support NFC? Answer: No, NFC is not supported.

Question: Does Vivo Nex has split screen feature?

Answer: Yes it supports multi windows.

Question: Does Vivo Nex have Dolby Atmos support?

Answer: No, Vivo Nex does not have Dolby Atmos but the audio quality is pretty good.

Question: Does Vivo Nex have heating issue?

Answer: No, heating is within the limits or can say no heating issues in this phone.]]>

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