Rapoo H6020 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Review

I have been keeping tab on Rapoo, the Chinese peripheral maker for a while now and I like the fact that they believe in making only wireless peripherals. They make keyboards, mouse, speakers and heaphones but no tails attached. In fact, I have done couple of reviews of their products including H6080 and H3070 headphones.  The H6020 which we are reviewing today shares the design language with H3070, they are very identical except for the fact that while H6020 is a Bluetooth headset, the H3070 works on radio wireless frequency. Keep it side by side, you won’t find any difference visually. I would prefer H6020 over H3070 for the sheer fact that all Smartphones and tablets come with Bluetooth connectivity and we don’t need a bulky transmitter that is essential for the H3070 to pair with the devices. Anyways, let’s keep the H3060 aside now and talk about the Rapoo H6020 we got at our review desk today, the one I been listening to songs for over a week now. To be fair and square, Rapoo H6020 is not the best looking headset around, although the perception varies, it definitely doesn’t grab immediate attention for hot looks. It is feather-light and you might even think it will be fragile but it is not. Rapoo-H6020 The H6020 is a supra-aural headphone and the pads are small in size and press lightly on the ears. The micro-fiber material padding of the earcup is not the best you would come across and feels barely there on the ears, which is good if you don’t like anything tightly cupping on your ears and doesn’t sweat but lets in more ambient sound. Rapoo-H6020-Ear-CansThe left ear cup has all the controls nested around the sides. The power button which is also the Bluetooth search button is clumsy to use. The wheel like control which also doubles as volume button if you roll it upward or downward has to be awkwardly pressed with your finger nail to power on/off the device. Rapoo-H6020-ControlsAround the edges alongside the power controls, there is a microphone and a flap that can opened to reveal the charging port. Rapoo-H6020-Charging-port The head band is slender. It looks more like a coated wire. Though it would look like the band is not expandable, it does comes with an extension side arms neatly tucked into the ear cup. Rapoo-H6020-head-bandThe ear muffs can be turned facing down which comes good when you keep the headphone hanging flat on your chest or when you are packing it in your travel bag. Rapoo-H6020-FoldedA green indicator constantly flashes when the headset is paired. It also glows red when the headset is charging or when you press the power it off. Rapoo-H6020-LED-Indicator Like most Bluetooth devices, it is no-brainer to pair the H6020 too with the Smartphones or tablets. As I mentioned earlier, the power on /off and Bluetooth search functionality process is a design fail. Rapoo-H6020-Bluetooth-ConnectivityThe H6020 works on Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR wireless transmission protocol and ideally should support up to 10 meter range. Between the walls of your rooms and other hindrances, expect a 8 meters working range. The audio experience is not disappointing. Though it doesn’t give over-the-top bass experience, it finds a middle path between a decent bass and balances the low and mid frequency notes. You can crank up nicely till the recommended audio levels. The clarity is good and the Rapoo H6020 is ideal for casual music listening. As a headphone, it does its job pretty well. It switches automatically between phone call and music. The call quality is decent. It works as a good set for your Skype and phone calls. Rapoo says the H6020 can deliver up to 12 hours of music and 15 hours on call. In my music play, it did deliver almost to the statement. It takes around 3 hours for full charge. The slender head band actually looks funny. It doesn’t give the solid look and feel of most other headsets in market. On other hand, when you are casually listening to music, the light weight feels pretty good and non-obtrusive. Also check our video review:

thumbs_up_icons What is good

  • Light weight
  • Decent audio experience
  • Good for Skype and phone calls

thumbs-down-icon What is bad

  • Poorly designed controls
  • Not an exciting design
  • Slender head band
Rapoo H6020 has an MRP of around Rs 3,500 but it is available for almost half the price at many e-commerce platforms and at the discounted price, the H6020 makes a better sense. It is purely for casual music experience and even the design is not for serious outing. If you need a light-weight headphone for casual music listening and to handle the phone/skype calls, Rapoo H6020 can come into the picture.]]>

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