PaMu Scroll Wireless Earbuds Review – A surprise find

 First impression is the best impression might be an old cliche but with Pamu Scroll it proves true. It comes in a highly appealing case in a scroll like design with leather finish. Whenever I keep the case on a table it turned many eyeballs towards it. People would immediately ask about it thanks to the very premium finish of the case. Extra brownie points for this alone. When you open up the case like a scroll, you find a pair of earbuds. Oh ya, the scroll flap neatly closes up when not in use thanks to the magnetic layer. The case also doubles up as a power source for the earbuds. They charge up when nested on the case and can do three full rounds of charging. The casing has solid magnetic pins that hold the earbuds in their place. There is a choice of 4 design finishes to choose from.

On the left side of the cylindrical housing is a micro USB charging port. There are also four LED lights on this side as indicators to show the charging level of the case.
The earbuds pairs automatically once you take them out of the case and also ready to pair with your Smartphone. Pairing is a breeze and works on the latest Bluetooth 5.0. The earbuds are very lightweight unlike those heavy ones the Sony offers. They are very convenient for long use and also plugs into the ears nicely. There are no physical buttons on the Pamu Scroll but the top of the touch surface of the earbuds have on-surface touch controls for functions like play/pause, change of tracks and calling. A double tap changes the track. A single tap plays or pause the track or to connect to an incoming call. You can reject a call by tapping twice on the earbuds. The Pamu Scroll also wirks with Siri and Google Assistant. When it is paired to compatible Smartphone, you just need to double tap on the left marked earbut to use the assistant. Only let down with the controls is the lack of volume controls so you are left with the Smartphone’s volume controls.

Battery performance of Pamu Scroll

The charging case can be used to charge fully the earbuds three times. In my use I found the battery life of the earbuds in one full charge to be around 2 hours 45 minutes. So a fully charged case can serve close to 9 hours of listening time. One full charge takes around 2 hours.

Is Pamu Scroll Waterproof?

It has an IPX6 rating which means you can take a shower with it or not bothered with sudden rain or your sweat while workouts but is not submersible in water.

Performance of Pamu Scroll

The Scroll earbuds snuggle nicely into your ears. I shook my head faster and it was well secured. It never came off while working outs or in my jogging. Again extra brownie points for this.  Talking about the audio quality which is the most important factor here, it would be an understatement to say I was impressed. The Scroll earbuds surprised me with its balanced audio, the bass level was right up there not so deep not so weak. clarity pretty good and picks up various notes decently well for a 39$ pair, it could put to shame some of the pricey ones out there.  I have been using them on my dozens of flights to Delhi that spans 2 hours 45 minutes each trip and they have been a great companion. The audio sync while watching movies is perfect too. Call quality was pretty solid too with not much complaints of weak audio from the other people on the call.


PaMu Scroll was a surprise find for me when it comes to the search for an affordable yet good pair of wireless earbuds. The first wave of the crowd-funding campaign began at $39 and the earbud is worth all its money and more. There is also a wireless charging receiver listed but I cannot say much about that since I haven’t tested it. In short, PaMu Scroll is mighty impressive.    ]]>

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