Fanzart Melody Fan Review – The Tech Opulence for your home

Before I turned to be a tech writer, I was a fashion designer so I have a fair idea of how the luxury market works. In every segment, there is an opportunity to cater to the opulent clientele. Fanzart, a Bengaluru based design house specializes in designer fan segment – an ultra-niche segment but a flourishing market with more young people experimenting with grandeur and tech. I was going through the Fanzart website and they have a pretty vast lineup of fans catering to various tastes like contemporary, modern, crystal collections and more. What I received for review is one from their modern hi-tech collection – Fanzart Melody, a fan that can light up as well as play audio. The box arrived and I was also asked for a technician visit for the installation. This fan has some sensors and few additions to be assembled. You can see the picture below for what you get inside the box. The typical fan head, fan blades, cups as well as a speaker mount, sensor and a remote complete with batteries. Plus some regular fixtures to mount the fan. You don’t see this in your regular fans, a speaker that also has a 12 watts LED light beneath it. What is in a fan? Well, I never gave a thought on the fan blades even when I setup my own home but when I got this product I took time to observe and trust me there is some serious design that goes with the blade construction. The Fanzart melody fan comes with four blades, the blades are not very long its bit short and measures 38 inches. They are angled at sides which curves a bit more than the regular fans or at least the one’s I had at my home. The fans are made of ABS material. This is the crucial sensor part that gives the smartness to the fan. It gets fixed inside.

Fanzart Melody Remote – Features

We don’t usually get a remote for a fan but then this one does and it is no gimmick. It’s crucial for controlling the fan and its features. Of course, you can turn on/off the fan with remote. You can control the air flow of the fan with this remote. There are three air flow settings – low, medium and high. You can turn on/off the light and also activate the Bluetooth. Additionally, you can choose to automatically turn off the fan after 1 hour, 2 hours, 4  hours or 8 hours.

Performance of FanzArt Melody

Its a multi functional fan which apart from its obvious fanning purpose also works as a light and a bluetooth speaker. The remote is straightforward and works neatly as expected. Now let’s break each feature and see how it delivers.

Fanzart Melody as a light

I was sceptical initially why we need a fan with a light but it does work well as a single unit in certain rooms. It actually depends where you have the fan. I preferred using this light when am watching TV in my living room or listening to music. Of course, it doesn’t work great for reading purpose. It’s not the pure white light but has a soothing creamish light which works well for relaxation.

Fanzart Melody as a Bluetooth Speaker

Frankly, I won’t be using as a default speaker being an audiophile and used to my Alexa controlled speakers these days. Of course you can add this as a Bluetooth speaker to your Echo device but it is not a standalone Alexa enabled speaker. But what is this speaker for? Well, it does serve some purpose. Imagine you want to play a soothing music or light music in the background while you are doing your regular chores. My mother liked playing her devotional music while reading or relaxing. It works for that. It’s not a speaker for serious listening but comes good to fill the background or for casual listening. The audio quality is good though the bass is less. It also works as a speaker phone to attend calls when connected.

Fanzart Melody as a fan

At the end of the day let’s not forget this is a fan at its heart. Till date, I never paid attention to details of the fan but it changed with this review. I tested how my own existing fan blades work, the air circulation, the range etc. I could find make some serious positive observation with Fanzart Melody. I need to make many tests standing under this fan and my existing regular fan to observe the coolness and I found the air circulation is a bit cooler under this. Plus, the blade design also circulates the air a bit differently, it circulates are more wholistically like a breeze. The range of the circulation was also much better. This one does a better job at being a fan, should I say cheekily am a fan of it.


As a designer myself in my past career, I can understand where the Fanzart fans fit in. Its a niche product for those aspiring an opulence lifestyle. If you want a premium fan, ready to pay a premium price but also inclined to modern, tech side, this is a fan that should interest you.]]>

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