Sonos Era 300 and Era 100 Launched in India | Details & Pricing

Sonos unveiled its highly anticipated Sonos Era 300 and Sonos Era 100, marking the next evolutionary leap in smart speaker technology. As an industry leader, Sonos is pioneering a new era of sound and design innovation with these cutting-edge products. The Era 300 represents a bold and revolutionary addition to the speaker lineup, purpose-built to deliver an unparalleled out-loud spatial audio experience featuring Dolby Atmos. On the other hand, the Era 100 is a remastered version of the immensely popular Sonos One, offering an enhanced sonic journey.

These Era speakers, finely tuned by award-winning artists and engineers, usher in a new era of immersive listening experiences, further enriched by expanded connectivity and the innovative Trueplay™ technology. Notably, both Era 300 and Era 100 are pioneers in adhering to Sonos’ new responsible design standards, which encompass long-term serviceability, energy-efficient technologies, and the incorporation of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

The Era 300 is priced at INR 54999, while the Era 100 is available for INR 29999. Indian consumers can get their hands on these groundbreaking speakers starting from October 20, 2023, with pre-orders commencing on October 15, 2023, exclusively at sonos.com.

“In an age of constant background noise, quality listening matters more than ever. Our vision is to make listening an experience that is charged with feeling, and help our customers feel joy and vitality through their favorite music and audio content,” said Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos. “The Era family is the next generation of smart speakers, epitomizing our commitment to sound innovation, responsible design and a deep connection to the creator community.”

Sonos Era 300

Era 300 features six formidable drivers that skillfully project sound in multiple directions – left, right, forward, and upward. This innovative configuration results in a groundbreaking audio performance, complete with Dolby Atmos, immersing listeners at the epicenter of their cinematic and musical experiences.

Highlights of Sonos Era 300

● Spatial Elegance: Era 300 is meticulously designed to embrace its beautifully intricate acoustic architecture within an elegant hourglass shape. Every angle, proportion, and perforation is thoughtfully crafted to enhance sound direction and dispersion, enveloping you in audio like never before.

● Surreal Surround Experience: Era 300 marks a significant milestone as the brand’s inaugural speaker to deliver multi-channel surround sound, especially when employed as home theater rear speakers. Movie enthusiasts have the option to pair two Era 300 speakers with Arc or Beam (Gen 2), resulting in a powerfully enhanced Dolby Atmos experience that immerses them deeper into the heart of the action.

● Collaborative Musical Mastery: In a close-knit partnership with a community of leading artists and creators, including members of the Sonos Soundboard, Sonos painstakingly fine-tuned Era 300. This collaboration ensures that listeners can savor studio-quality sound that remains true to the artist’s original intent.

Sonos Era 300 pricing and availability

Sonos Era 300 will be available in India October 20, 2023 for INR 54999, with pre-orders available at sonos.com from Oct 15, 2023.

Sonos Era 100

Mere inches larger than its forerunner, the Sonos One, Era 100 introduces a brand-new hardware and software configuration. With next-generation acoustics and design enhancements, it delivers meticulous stereo sound and rich, deep bass.

Highlights of Era 100

● Enhanced Stereo Clarity: Equipped with dual angled tweeters, Era 100 offers crystal-clear high frequencies that spread both left and right, creating a rich and immersive stereo experience. Complementing this, a larger midwoofer delivers unexpected, deep bass for a single, compact speaker.

● Compact Powerhouse: Despite its slender profile, Era 100 is jam-packed with audio and technological enhancements. Its sleek, modern design makes it a stylish addition to bookshelves, kitchen counters, desks, or nightstands, blending seamlessly with any interior.

● Tailored Audio Setup: Elevate your movie nights by incorporating two Era 100 speakers as rear units with your soundbar to craft a full-blown surround sound system. Alternatively, pairing two Era 100s together generates room-filling stereo sound, transforming your audio experience.

Sonos Era 100 pricing and availability:

Sonos Era 100 will be available in India October 20, 2023 for INR 29999, with pre-order available at
sonos.com from Oct 15, 2023.

Drawing from Sonos’s timeless acoustic-driven design ethos, Era 100 and Era 300 embrace environmental responsibility and enhance the experience for all who engage with our products. They introduce a fresh, innovative user interface and incorporate features that extend their lifespan, reduce energy consumption, and make use of recycled materials:

● Sustainable Sonic Footprint: Era 100 and Era 300 are crafted from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and packaged in 100% sustainably sourced paper. Moreover, they are engineered for energy efficiency, with idle power consumption below two watts and a cutting-edge sleep function.

● Durability by Design: Both speakers are meticulously engineered to withstand the test of time. By minimizing the use of adhesives and transitioning to screws for easy disassembly and repair, they are designed to serve you for years to come.

● Modern User Interface: Era 100 and Era 300 introduce a sleek, intuitive user interface that includes a capacitive volume slider for effortless control. This complements the convenient and private control options available through Sonos Voice Control, the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth®.

● Enhanced Connectivity: Stream all your cherished audio content through WiFi or Bluetooth, and directly connect various audio devices, such as turntables, using an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter.

● Wider Trueplay Integration: Leveraging the integrated microphone array in Era 100 and Era 300, Trueplay optimizes sound quality to suit the unique acoustics of your space. This feature is now accessible to both Android and iOS users with a simple tap within the Sonos app.

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