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Glance, a smart lock screen platform from InMobi, has established a presence on over 450 million Android smartphones by forging partnerships with the six leading Android smartphone brands. The company has set its sights on reaching over 1 billion phones globally within the next two years.

Users can enjoy a personalized internet experience directly on the lock screens of their Android smartphones via Glance, all without the need to unlock the phone, install any apps, or go searching for content.

These lock screen experiences encompass a wide array of features, including instant games, live game streaming, real-time news updates, sports coverage, lifestyle insights, fashion highlights, entertainment offerings, shopping opportunities, and live content.

These engaging experiences are made possible through Glance’s collaborations with renowned publishers, content partners, and skilled developers.

Glance’s AI technology tailors these experiences to each user, ensuring that individuals consistently encounter the content that matters most to them every time they glance at or unlock their smartphone.

Singapore-headquartered Glance has already expanded in Indonesia and is now eyeing the US market. It recently launched in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. It has recently entered the Japan market.

As they plan the US market entry, they have re-imagined their UI with more widget-like screens and refreshed UX. The new enhanced UI is also expected to roll out in other markets later.

Interestingly, Glance is also working on a smart screen platform for TVs. With an interesting information widget placement on screen for real-time information for cricket score updates and other interesting updates.

In Android TVs featuring the Glance function, users have the exciting option to utilize QR codes for engaging with a variety of programs and personalities. This innovative feature enables viewers to purchase movie and event tickets, partake in live shopping experiences, and even see their own social media posts featured on Glance TV streams.

This forward-thinking consumer internet company introduces Glance TV, a platform that offers unique, personalized, bite-sized content ranging from 5 to 20 minutes in duration. It spans across diverse categories including sports, entertainment, infotainment, e-sports, current affairs, lifestyle, food, and fitness, setting it apart from the standardized, lengthy TV shows. Glance TV has formed strategic partnerships with major content providers like Zee5, Epic On, and Docubay to ensure a rich and diverse content library.

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