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Kids embrace technology faster and it comes natural to them. At my home, Alexa Echo is the only music player my kid uses and he is at ease with the voice interaction. Apart from music, he also converses with Alexa for certain questions like how far is moon from earth, what is the capital city of a particular country and so on. With Alexa Echo range getting popular in India, Amazon has launched a new category of Alexa kids skills tailor made for children under 13 years of age in India. Some of the popular characters and titles I grew up reading when I was kid myself finds place in Alexa now such as Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, ChuChu TV, PAC-MAN, Hungama, Appu Series, Videogyan, HooplaKidz, Playablo, Moshi Twilight, and Bob the Train. These skills can be accessed on all Amazon Echo devices as well as the free Alexa app for smartphones. Amazon has been constantly adding new skills to their skills store in India which has over 15,000 skills spread across various genres like  music, news, food, games, smart home and more. Adding to it is the new 350 Alexa kids skills, which can challenge the children with brain teasers and quizzes, listen to nursery rhymes and stories and have fun learning about various topics from wildlife to English, using simple voice commands with Alexa.  There are also various nursery rhymes, songs & rhyme-game skills.

How to discover the Alexa Kids Skills? 

The kids skills can be accessed via Alexa app or http://www.amazon.in/kidskills , or just by asking “Alexa, what kid skills do you have?”.

Alexa Kids skills from popular brands

Nursery rhymes, songs & rhyme-game skills

  • ChuChu TV: One of the world’s most watched kids edutainment channels, brings hundreds of nursery rhymes, stories, songs on colors and animals for kids to Alexa. Just say “Alexa, open ChuChu TV” or “Alexa, ask ChuChu TV to play animal songs”.
  • Appu’s Adventure: Based on themes and rhymes from Appu’s world, this interactive skill is designed to help develop and improvise listening,  comprehending and problem-solving abilities in children. Just say “Alexa, open Appu’s Adventures “.
  • Hungama Rhymes: Kids can explore audio rhymes on animal kingdom, festivals, educational and fun rhymes from Hungama and Appu Series. Just say “Alexa, open Hungama Rhymes”.
  • HooplaKidz: The skill makes learning with songs and rhymes interactive, fun and refreshing with its karaoke and quiz. Just say “Alexa, open HooplaKidz”.
  • Bob the Train: Bob the Train comes alive to talk, sing, tell stories and interact with kids like a friend. At the end of every song, Alexa will ask a question which kids can answer. Just say “Alexa, open Bob the Train”.

Brain teasers, quizzes, trivia & joke skills

  • Amar Chitra Katha’s India Quiz: India’s favourite storyteller has put together this fantastic quiz that will help kids expand their knowledge of Indian mythology; from gods to kings. Just say, “Alexa, open Amar Chitra Katha Quiz” or “Alexa, open ACK Quiz”.
  • Suppandi’s Crazy Brain Teasers: Tinkle’s favourite simpleton is here to rack your brains with clever riddles that are way too smart for him. Help him out with these wacky questions and exercise your brain muscles as well. Just say, “Alexa, open Suppandi Quiz”.
  • Would You Rather Family: Answer the most ludicrous and silly questions ever created for kids in this Alexa skill. Kids can play alone or with friends and family and burst out in laughter over their answers. Just say, “Alexa, open Would You Rather Family”.
  • Other skills on this theme include Shambu’s Jungle Quiz – popular for helping kids learn all about the animal kingdom, one question at a time, and Beano – popular for ultimate True and False quiz.

Immersive & adventure game skills

  • Forest Fortune: This interactive, pick-a-part story game, will take kids through a royal adventure to hunt for King George’s hidden treasure. Just say “Alexa, open Forest Fortune”.
  • Panda Rescue: Kids get to be the assigned carer of an orphaned baby panda and teach important life lessons by making the right choices as they move through the game. Just say “Alexa, open Panda Rescue”.

Educational skill

  •  Playablo: The skill uses gamification to help kids learn English. Just say “Alexa, open Playablo”.

Fun & interactive story skills

  • PAC-MAN™ Stories: This skill is designed to provide a fun and educational ‘choose your own adventure’ experience where children of all ages can make the right moral choices to complete each adventure set on PAC-MAN Planet. Just say, “Alexa, launch PAC-MAN Stories.”
  •  Amazon Storytime: This skill offers a growing collection of professionally narrated short stories read by Aidy Bryant (known for her roles on Saturday Night Live) and Tom Kenny (known as the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants). Just say, “Alexa, ask Amazon Storytime to read me a story”.
  • Moshi Twilight: This skill can help settle little listeners at bedtime. It features surreal stories with dreamy melodies and calming narration, guided relaxations and soothing sounds, all with a magical Moshi twist. Just say “Alexa, open Moshi Twilight”.
With all these skills under its hood, Amazon Alexa is shaping up to be an engaging platform for family.]]>

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