IBM Call For Code 2019 – A Global Challenge for the Developer Community

Listen, if you are a developer this might trigger your interest. IBM 2019 Call for Code battle bugle has been sounded. Call for Code is an IBM challenge that seeks global developer community to come up with technology solutions for the world’s problems. This year the challenge focusses on natural disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The global challenge platform is backed by the IBM Code and Response™ initiative, a multi-year program dedicated to creating and deploying open source technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. The competition ends on July 29, 2019.

What is in stake for the winners?

The winning team receives $200,000 USD as prize money but not just they also get support from The Linux Foundation, help in implementing their solutions through Code and Response. More importantly, the cream of the teams gets to interact with mentors and potential investors.

Equipping the developers

To give a headstart to the participants including those who are new to coding, IBM offers a new Call for Code Starter kit for a level playing field. Developers of every skill level, including those who are just jumping into the coding world, could make use of the starter kit that caters to every skill set. The company’s new Starter Kits have all the resources you need to get started right away in several technology domains.

How the Call of Code works?

The starter kits are designed in a way to help you understand what technology can do to give shape to your ideas in a structured way. Once you register for the Call of Code challenge, you get an IBM Cloud account and also a brief on the scope of competition and rules of the challenge. With your resource material, you can come up with a solution for this year’s theme – natural disaster preparedness, and recovery. This is where the IBM Call of Coder starter kits come handy for many participants by using Code Patterns and kits for your submissions. Next, you get a chance to introduce yourselves to peers and experts, brainstorm ideas, collaborate with a team. The final stage would be to submit your solutions.

Last year winner – Project OWL

Project Owl teammates—developers Charlie Evans, Taraqur Rahman, Nick Feuer, Bryan Knouse, and Magus Pereira – won IBM’s first-ever Call for Code contest. Last year more than 100,000 developers from 156 countries participated in the contest. The panel of judges included former President Bill Clinton who selected Project OWL in the grand finale. The five top teams had brought to table solutions ranging from AI to post-earthquake rebuilding process to aiding firefighters by providing live data during wildfires via sensors. Project OWL created an offline communication infrastructure for natural disasters, giving those in need a simple and reliable interface to request assistance from authorities. IBM’s Call for Code challenge helps many individual developers to come up with practical workable solutions for their ideas, find a like-minded team and make changes to the society with meaningful technology solutions. If you are a developer, do visit the IBM Call of Code challenge for further details]]>

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