Digitization and Automation- ‘Making Business Simple’

In 2015, the government of India launched the Digital India initiative with a vision of transforming India into a digitally empowered society. With this, the aim was to empower every citizen and enable businesses to transact easily and efficiently in today’s digital-driven economic landscape. Corporate India was quick to respond to the call of digitization by adopting various digital transformation initiatives to streamline the business processes. Today, organizations have witnessed efficiency and increased productivity with the automation of time-consuming manual processes. Though, organizations have traveled the road of digitization and automated business processes that previously were manual, they still push the paper document around in an obsolete and inefficient manner. Paper documents not only are difficult to store and carry the risk of perishability but are also time-consuming when handled for data stored in them. With huge amount of data being handled in the form of paper documents, it has become imperative for organizations to improve and optimize their document handling processes through automation.

Business Can Be Simple

Canon, a global brand, which has been ranked as the leading brand for copiers in Asia for 2018 as well as has No 1 Market Share in India for H1 2019 as per IDC data,  follows the motto of ‘Business can be simple’. The philosophy behind the motto aims at reducing complexity by simplifying workflows within an organization through digitization of paper-based processes. By leveraging Canon’s diverse range of hardware and software solutions that includes a wide portfolio of digital copiers, scanners, projectors and print and document solutions, businesses can save time and resources that otherwise would have been spent towards filing, indexing and storing the documents. Aside from scanning documents, a document management solution also incorporates a suite of applications that facilitates creation, indexing and storing of digitized documents. Such a comprehensive office automation solution helps speed up the workflow, improve efficiency, eliminate human-error and enhance corporate data security.

The importance of data security

Data security is a prime concern for organizations, and with data being manually handled through piles of paper documents, there is always a looming threat of data and privacy theft/leakage. Canon with its imageRunner series of multi-functional devices provide additional features of preventive measures that empower businesses to address security vulnerabilities. Besides scanning, copying and printing, the imageRunner series of products offer additional security features and low cost of ownership, which helps organizations reduce operational costs and bring in process efficiencies.

Integrated product portfolio for business needs

Apart from hardware solutions, Canon also offers software solutions that include IrisPowerscan, a powerful document management solution.  The solution can scan, structure, sort, index, OCR, convert and export all digitized paper documents into fully searchable text files. With IrisPowerscan, an organization can save time, improve efficiency and optimize business processes. With Canon’s Therefore Document Management solution, organizations can efficiently and economically handle paper documents. By leveraging a combination of Canon imageRunner products, IrisPowerScan and Therefore Document Management solutions, data-driven companies can quickly import and integrate, share and compare, store and retrieve, or distribute and print documents of any scale and volumes with minimal human intervention. Thus, helping employees save time from tedious manual processes and focus towards business-oriented goals. Digital India is propelling the new-age India and businesses, entrepreneurial aspirations are on rise and start-ups are data driven and innovative. Canon with its motto of ‘Business can be simple’, is helping organizations to optimize resources, manage business efficiently and become agile to meet the dynamic customer needs.]]>

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