Amazon brings Echo Show 8 to India | Price, Features Details

Amazon is quite gung ho about the Alexa powered Echo devices market in India and keeps introducing its latest products to the Indian market. The latest to join its wide portfolio of Echo Smart devices here is the Echo Show 8 which has been priced at Rs 8,999. It will start shipping from Feb 24 So what does Echo Show 8 offer? Here is a quick rundown. Everything You need to know about…
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All-new Amazon Echo 3rd Gen Review

Amazon’s Echo devices are like a family, new generations keep propping up and they get smarter or better in the process. So the latest addition to the Smart speaker family is the all-new Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) which borrows bits of goodies from the Echo Plus. In India it is…
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5 Alexa Kids Skills to try out in India

new kids skill additions ,ranging from nursery rhymes to brain teasers and immersive adventure and game skills. If you haven’t checked it, I would suggest you to check it out HERE. While there are many skills sets, here we list five new skills that would help children…

Amazon updates the Echo Lineup and Introduces the Echo Sub, a sub-woofer for your Echo devices

Amazon has updated their Eco line-up in India including the Amzon Echo Dot, Echo Plus and also have introduced a new Echo companion device,  Echo Sub Smart speakers. The Echo Dot comes at a price tag of Rs 4,499, Echo Plus costs Rs 14,999 and the Echo Sub can be picked for Rs 12,999. The new lineup can be pre-ordered on Amazon India, while the new Echo Dot and Echo Plus will ship next month, the…
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What is Alexa? Should you buy Amazon Echo? What Can It Do for You?

Warning: Alexa can spoil you but in a fun way and once you are into it, there is no going back. I grew up on diet of Star Trek and the likes, so naturally devices responding to voice command had always fascinated me since then. Then came the Assistant, Siri and Bixby of the Smartphone world and people got the glimpse of the future forward. Voice is going to shape up the future and control the…
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