Xploree Keyboard – Yet another keyboard or something different to it?

When asked what is the most accessed app in a phone, almost everyone would skip keyboard but then isn’t keyboard the most frequently used app for any inputs? People would think keyboard as a natural extension of a smartphone than an app but then it is an app and people do dabble with different keyboard app if the default is not to their liking. There is no dearth for keyboard apps in Android play store – Google keyboard, Swiftkey, Swype, Fleksy and others. When I tested CoolPad device, it came with a different keyboard complete with green icons , back then I didn’t know about Xploree but it did pick my interest.

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It came as a surprise during a discussion that the very keyboard that was pre-installed in the CoolPad phone was the Xploree keyboard app and the bigger surprise was it was developed by an Indian company, KeyPoint Technology.


Amidst the crowd of keyboard apps, why would anyone want to use Xploree? The company says the key differentiator is its intent based and is powered by Natural language processing, machine learning and AI. We all know Artificial Intelligence is the future forward and KeyPoint Technology has made Xploree analyze instantly whats you key in and give suggestions based on your intent.

While keyboards like Swiftkey are great with its predictive powers at texts and language learning, the Xploree strives to predict what you might like or wish to based on the conversation made. So when you type a friend ‘shall we do a lunch?’ , it comes out with cards that can suggest some restaurants, worth trying. So the understanding of the conversation and looking into the intent is what makes Xploree stands out amidst other features. Of course you do get the usual bells and whistles features and predictive texts and other now standard features like auto correction, auto capitalization etc.

To add a bit of fun into the messaging, the Xploree also has good icon sets, text shortcuts can be added in native languages for easy keying and you can personalize the keyboard by feeding your own dictionary.


Where do people usually make their discovery? mostly on browsers, right? Xploree has added a discovery feature as its core identity. As you keep typing on the keyboard, it recognizes the intent and pushes the contextual discoveries side by side aided by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Then there is also a Presto, bubble floating around. It gathers all the discovery cards which you have not noticed and you can always fall back on this to take a look at the cards.


There are also many themes and India-specific themes too to add flavour to the keyboard.

Xploree retains the core aspects of the keyboard functionality consumers expect and along with that offers a unique medium of discovery based on intent which is its highlight. Of course, there are areas for improvement and make the discoveries more accurate but the concept looks promising and can only get better in future implementation.

In case you have not tried Xploree yet, go ahead download and let us know how you find it.

To download click HERE


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