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Twitter Lite : Everything You Need To Know

Twitter Lite is a mobile web service. Unlike Facebook Lite which is still an app, the Twitter Lite has an URL that has to be typed onto a browser, preferably Chrome (I will give the reasons a litter latery on why) So, you need to key in to access the lean and speedier diet Twitter.

Twitter Lite is feather light and on diet.

The only reason why you would be using the lite version is to save your precious data or your connection is slow and perhaps unreliable.  Twitter Litealso  takes up less than a megabyte, so if your mobile is less on storage space, you can delete the app and use this lightweight option.

Twitter Lite has a data saver option.

People share too many images, GIFs and videos on Twitter. Open the Twitter lite > go to the profile > enable the data saver. Now all the media contents will be blurred out and essentially it means they are not yet downloaded. If you want to view a particular media, you can tap on it and it will download and be clear.

Twitter Lite can be added to Homescreen like an app

People like app icons. It is not only visually appealing but they are just one click away to be accessed. If you are using Google Chrome, you would find an option add to home screen. So open the Twitter Lite on Chrome browser, click the add to home screen from the settings ( remember the three dots on the corner) . Bingo! the Twitter lite sits like any other app icon. It also shows on the app drawer. Tap on the icon, it opens the web lite version, thus giving you a near app usage feel.

Twitter Lite can still send notifications

Ok, Chrome can add it as almost like an icon but what about notifications? Yes, when added to homescreen via chrome, you won’t miss on the push notifications.

Unfortunately does not have the night mode (at least for now)

Last year, Twitter introduced the night mode for the owls who tweets. Twitter lite doesn’t have that mode that was healthy for eyes when tweeting in dark. Twitter Lite is available globally. You can try it right now by going to probably have used this URL earlier too but then the experience would be new now on-wards.  ]]>

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