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5 Alexa Kids Skills to try out in India

new kids skill additions ,ranging from nursery rhymes to brain teasers and immersive adventure and game skills. If you haven’t checked it, I would suggest you to check it out HERE. While there are many skills sets, here we list five new skills that would help children explore, innovate and create. Experience an interactive adventure with Chhota Bheem Skills to try: Chhota Bheem Adventures Engage your kid with the best interactive experience featuring India’s most popular hero, Chhota Bheem.  The Chhota Bheem Adventures skill for Alexa is a game which lets children immerse themselves in the world of Dholakpur. The experience is not just limited to original voices of Chhota Bheem and friends but also has enough sound effects and visuals to directly teleport the audience to Dholakpur. Just Say, “Alexa, Open Chhota Bheem Adventures” and set off on a mission to explore the caves which have recently been unearthed in Dholakpur with Chhota Bheem.   Adventure Ride with Mike Skills to try: forest fortune Indulge your kids in an interactive and adventurous ride of King George’s hidden treasure. This adventure encompasses a Royal Treasure map, exploring through the Wild Forest, interacting with friendly animals and humans, overcoming obstacles and learn fun facts from Mike throughout the adventure. Just Say, “Alexa, Open Forest Fortune” and take your kid through a royal adventure to hunt for King George’s hidden treasure.   Life Lessons with Panda Rescue Skills to try: panda rescue Introduce your kid into the fun and interactive world of Panda Wilderness School. In the game, Kids get to be the assigned care taker of an orphan baby panda and teach important life lessons by making the right choices as they move through the game. Just say, “Alexa, open Panda Rescue”.   Gamify learning with Playablo Skills to try: Playablo Make learning fun with Playablo, a gamified learning app. featuring thousands of short 7-question quizzes, Playablo helps your child identify his or her strengths and improvement areas and the robust feedback system will help you keep track of your child’s progress. It also features several gameplay elements like points, leaderboards and peer-to-peer competition that will help your child retain what he or she learns in school. Just say, “Alexa, open Playablo” and help your child rediscover the joy of learning.   Chronicles of Appu’s Adventure land Skills to try: Appu’s adventures Based on themes and rhymes from Appu’s world, this interactive skill is designed to help develop and improvise listening, comprehending and problem-solving abilities in children.  Just say, “Alexa, open Appu’s Adventures” and let your kid experience the interactive world of Appu’s adventures.  ]]>

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