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Eight App Business Card Organizer Review – Not Just an ordinary card scanner app
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Eight App Business Card Organizer Review – Not Just an ordinary card scanner app

My work takes me to meet people. We exchange cards. I collect them dutifully only to misplace or keep stashing them. Few weeks later, I scramble to find the card to get back to one of those contacts. Does this story sound familiar to you?

We live in a digital age, armed always with a Smartphone and there should be a better way to handle this mess right? Of course there is, the Business card scanning apps. While there are many with their own pros and cons, we are going to talk about one of the earliest app to tap into this idea, Eight. Sansan Inc, a Japan-based provider of cloud-based business card management services has launched Eight app, its business card organizer and professional networking app in India. The app is available both in both Android and iOS versions in the country.

Scan, Network and Interact:

For a starter, Eight is not just another business scanning app, via the app an user can instant message other users as well as share news and updates with your network, making it an effective tool for boosting your career and sales opportunities and information dissemination. Sounds a bit like LinkedIn? Why not, any interaction with your peers and contacts is good and if an app can keep the networking relevant it gets the extra brownie points.

Eight also happens to be a Linked-in sort of tight networking medium with interactive features and offers a news stream to push through your events, happenings, achievements that would be visible to your professional peers to take notice of.

Eight app is easy to use; you start with scanning your own business card first to create a profile. You can also customize your profile complete with a career summary listing your skills, experience, qualifications etc if need be, list your career history and other information. After all, you never know someone out there could be looking out for that one skill you are proud of and excel and it could lead to an interesting career turn and rewards ahead.

You can add contact by scanning the business cards you have amassed and not just that unlike most other business apps, where Eight shines though is its ability to connect with other Eight users by company or by name, didn’t I tell you there is a LinkedIn like feature built-in in this app. There is also a wireless connect option which allows you to wirelessly add a nearby contact either with Bluetooth or QR reader.

A Tag option helps to easily search or sort your contacts. Taking a cue from social networking platforms, there is a feed where the users can publicly post a message. Eight also comes with messaging system allowing you to directly ping a contact and take the conversation further. If you are concerned about privacy, Eight also offers a control over post visibility and you can either make it public, Eight users or your connected contacts.  The privacy setting gives a good control over who sees your data.

Eight app is a good idea envisaged and executed, it is not a just another business card app but a wholesome professional networking and a cloud-based business card management service. While conceptually it is good, being a new platform in India, it would need time for the business community to lap it up and more users to get on-board for the platform to be more effective. Sansan Inc is betting high on Indian market and says would be partnering with co-working spaces, coffee shops where usually many business networking happens to make Eight, a must have app for the business community to be connected.

Eight is running a #TogetherMade campaign stressing on the fact that everyone is #TogetherMade carrying influence, guidance or inspiration from different people they come across in life. Eight as an app helps in securing the contacts as well as keep them in contact through their networking and interactive features.


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