Top Features of Vivo V5 that might interest you

Vivo V5 is touted as the world’s first Smartphone with a whooping 20 megapixel front camera with a flash light for better selfies. If that caught your attention, here are the top features of the Vivo V5 you should know apart from the ‘moonlight’ camera, the moniker Vivo uses for the flash light.

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Awesome screenshots

This is easily my favourite feature , the FunTouch UI of  Vivo offers in this device. I keep gathering interesting cliparts making use of the interesting patterns the S-Capture offers. To access the screenshot options in Vivo V5,  go to the control panel by swiping up the home screen from bottom. There you find a quick access option for S-capture. Tapping upon that, it shows a round dial that gives four options – long screenshot, funny screenshots, rectangle and recording. Long screenshot allows you to take a scrolling screenshot not limited to the screen page of the webpage but also the portion that might be there above or below the screen page. Suppose you are at a recipe page of a cooking webiste, you can take a screenshot of the entire webpage even if it scrolls above or below.  In usual devices, you might be ending up taking multiple screenshot to cover the full web page but here you can take on long screenshot. Makes sense right? Funny screenshot is what I enjoy more personally. Tapping on that gives three sub-options – pattern. lasso, doodle. Pattern has interesting cutouts for cliparts , lasso can give you ability to cut the portion of the screen image you want and doodle is more of a fun. Rectangle, as the name suggest helps you get angular screenshot in rectangle shape. Recording is the screen recorder, so when you are playing games, you can record the entire gameplay and watch it later as a video.

Call recording

Settings > Phone settings > Record settings. Vivo V5 allows you to record the calls and you can choose to record all the calls automatically, or make a custom list with particular numbers.

Other phone settings

Go to contacts and you find an option personal. This gives you the following features.
  • My QR Code: You can make your personal information as a QR Code.
  • Private communication: You can encrypt certain numbers from your contacts and it won’t be visible on the contact page. The encrypted numbers will be moved to private communication which is secured via finger print or password.
  • Gesture dial: There is speed dial settings but what is more interesting for me is the gesture dial settings. You can assign a gesture to particular six contacts and in the dialer you can simply draw the gesture to call them.

App lock with fingerprint

Apart from unlocking the phone, Vivo V5 do have the app lock feature with fingerprint sensor. Make sure the option is enabled in the fingerprint management setting and then head over to the iManager app and to app manager option there. You find the app lock setting there and you can choose the apps you want to secure.


While we mentioned the app lock feature that is found in the iManager, there are whole lots of other settings nested here including the auto start manager and other app management settings like uninstall, floating app management etc. The privacy option allows you to stash your selected pictures, videos, audio and other files in a password protected different layer. Power manager option gives you different power saving mode also to identify apps that drain excess power in your phone and to kill them. There are few other phone cleaning tool too in this, if you want to explore.

Limit your hotspot sharing

Settings > Personal hotspot > One-time sharing limit Sharing is good but it also makes sense to be prudent. So next time if someone asks you to share your Wi-Fi and you want to make sure the sharing is within a limited data, there is a one-time sharing limit where you can choose the amount of data you want to share.

Visitor mode

V5 also has a guest mode with a visitor password on the lock-screen interface to enter the visitor mode. You can hide contact information including namecard, messages and call log of the selected contact , hide app icons which you don’t want your guest to see in your phone and also protect albums and videos.

SOS call

Settings > More settings > SOS call When there is an emergency, you can press the power button three times to call 100.

Search bar customization

Settings > More settings > Search Swiping down from the home screen shows a search bar where you can search in-phone apps, contacts, messages, music, settings, notes and file manager plus google search engine. You can enable the disable the parameters in the search bar settings.


Settings > More Settings > OTG Vivo V5 supports OTG but it has to be enabled in the settings page. Don’t forget once enabled, the OTG auto turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Smart motion

Settings > More settings > Smart motion Smart motion settings page offers lot many ‘smart’ or ‘gimmicky’ features that you may like or not like, use or not use , nevertheless those options are nested here. There are draw gestures options to open certain apps or perform action like unlock phone or take a photo by drawing certain gestures when the screen is off. There is even an air operation like ‘black screen glance’ which shows the phone status when the screen is turned off by simply waving your hand some few cms above the phone. Other features you could find here include double tap to turn off screen,  smart call features like lift the phone to automatically answer calls or wave over the screen to mute an incoming call or to enable hands-free. There is even a turn on the flash light by shaking the phone and tilt to zoom picture while viewing in the gallery.

Multi screen

The multi screen functionality is limited to three apps – facebook, messages and Whatsapp. So when you are on full screen say like watching a movie and there is a notification from any of these three apps, you can tap the notification to split the screen and chat while watching the movie.

One-hand operation

I rarely use the one-hand operation as am perfectly fine with big screens even more than 6-inches but for those who want to minimize the screen there is a one-hand keyboard and mini screen options.

Smart Click

When the screen is turned off, you can the hold the Volume down key to turn on / off the flashlight, record video, open camera, facebook or any other selected app.]]>

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