Top Features of Vivo V5s that might win over you

Continuing their focus on the selfie-centric Smartphones, Vivo has launched the Vivo V5s , essentially very similar to the Vivo V5 but for a minor design change in the antenna design at the back and doubling the internal storage to 64GB from 32GB. The Vivo V5s has a 5.5-inch display with HD resolution and 2.5D glass layered. The Smartphone runs on MediaTek MT 6750 chipset with 4GB of RAM under its…
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Vivo V5 Review - Can the 20 megapixel selfie camera steal the moonlight?

Before I start the review, few things have to be mentioned upfront. There is a tendency to compare phones like Vivo V5 with online exclusive models which have considerably better specs. Yes, they do but then it’s an unfair comparison and biased against phone pitched primarily targeted at offline channels. The brick and motors channels incur more marketing and distribution costs and so its a…
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Top Features of Vivo V5 that might interest you

Vivo V5 is touted as the world’s first Smartphone with a whooping 20 megapixel front camera with a flash light for better selfies. If that caught your attention, here are the top features of the Vivo V5 you should know apart from the ‘moonlight’ camera, the…