Prysm brings 6K LPD Interactive display to Indian market | Features

Key Features of Prysm 6K LPD display Unlike the previous generation of the interactive display which had tiles of displays stiched together, the large  format 6K LPD display based on Prysm’s own patented display technology offers interactive, large format single panel display with seamless and immersive visual experience. No more tiled display at work.

  • Bezel free viewing above 100 inches with screen sizes available at 190 and 135 inches.
  • Built-in interactivity with more than 32 simultaneous touch points – making multi person colloborations more effective
  • Low power intake – the LPD display consumes at least 20 percent less energy than similarly sized LED/LCD video walls
  • The Prysm LPD display has 96 percent recyclable materials
  • The LPD display is shatter-resistant display
  • The display made of a specialty coated polycarbonate layer can be rolled for transport – making it easy to deliver and install
  • The access from the front of the unit means better, convenient serviceability
Talking about the launch, Mr. Amit Jain, founder and CEO, Prysm said, “Prysm is committed to bring industry-first experiences to our customers. With the launch of LPD 6K Series, we have set a new standard for interactive video walls and collaboration. Our highest priority is to provide enterprises, their employees and customers with an exceptional user experience that delivers a unique blend of visual integrity and interactivity to inspire new ideas, drive business forward, and promote working smarter together. We are confident in the success of the LPD 6K series across India and globally.”

The use case for LPD 6K series in India:

  • Customer Experience Centres (CEC) and Executive Briefing Centres (EBC) – designed to deliver a large-scale, immersive and interactive brand experience
  • Board Rooms, War Rooms and Premium Training Rooms – as a fully interactive display, the LPD 6K Series enables businesses to supercharge the boardroom. LPD 6K comes with an impact and scratch resistant polymer surface
  • Collaboration and Innovation Centres – coupled with the Prysm’s visual collaboration platform, the LPD 6K makes meetings more engaging and immersive, ultimately resulting in better and faster decision making
  • Command and Control Centres for Smart Cities – the combination of a Prysm video wall and visual collaboration solution makes it ideal for command and control centres, enabling visualization of critical applications and data from multiple sources on a single display
  • Education – a great fit for the open and engaging culture of higher learning – offering immersive experiences
Mr. GB Kumar, vice president, India and Asia Pacific, Prysm said, “Prysm is leading the disruption in the industry with its innovative technology. Today, customers across industries are looking for a future- ready solution that can redefine digital display experience for them and for their brands. With the clearest resolution, unrivalled contrast, and a fully interactive display, LPD 6K, offers an unparalleled experience. Prysm 6K LPD display is a unique product that can take work colloborations to the next level. It’s cutting edge technology than can be productive for companies bringing minds together for futuristic engaging colloborations.]]>

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