Philips introduces Air Purifier Series 3000 with real time monitor display

Every one is concerned about the air they breathe, there is an increased awareness due to the various alarming data seeping in but the nastiness we have bestowed into the air cannot be changed overnight and it will be a slow process but what we can do of course is minimize our exposure to the pollutants we breathe. Even if you live in a part of the world away from man-made pollution, there are various other natural allergens in air like pollen you might want to stay clear. Air purifier promises to clear the air around you and give you a viable breathing space. Philips is into the air purifier business for quiet a long time and now they have launched the Air Purifier series 3000 in India. Philips-Air-Purifier-series-3000 The key feature of the 3000 series is a LCD display that shows the real time the PM2.5. In case you wonder what PM2.5 is? The particulate in air are graded according to their size and PM2.5 are fine particles that can penetrate to the alveolus of lungs. Philips AeroSense technology detects, monitors and in real time shows the fine particles in air and also cleanse the surrounding air and common allergens like pet dander and dust mite. The purifier also has a special allergen mode, which could come in aid for those prone to common allergies. The new NanoProtect TM 53 filters give round the clock protection from fine particles, harmful gases, odor and most bacteria and viruses. A ultra-silent sleep mode produces only 33db. The Series 3000 is portable with a comfortable handle to carry around the house and has a touch interface.  It works for a room size up to 72 square meters. There is also a series 6000 for larger areas. While the Series 3000  has a MRP of Rs 32,995, there are deals around Rs 25,000 in the market.]]>

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