Lypertek Tevi true wireless earbuds review

Lypertek Tevi review

Fresh after reviewing something like Sennheiser Momentum 2 TWS it is always going to be a tough task to pull back and review the next in the lines. When Lypertek Tevi landed at my desk, I was not very sure about it. I have not heard of this audio brand and this Tevi’s case had the familiar Sennheiser visual to it. But life throws some pleasant surprises now and then, this one definitely was, like an unheard, new batsmen who hit a huge opening six. Let’s head to the Lypertek Tevi review and unravel the new bud(dy)

With a battery crazy good, a well balanced sound signature and water proof as added bonus, Lypertek Tevi shines through the crowded TWS market. At a price of Rs ₹ 6,999 it may not really be the affordable pairs but it punches about its weight with what it delivers. If you want to buy it after reading this review or want to take a look at the current price, click over to Headphone Zone for the product page HERE

Box contents:

  1. Case
  2. Earbuds
  3. User guide
  4. 3 pair of extra ear tips
  5. Type C cable for charging


The case is wrapped with fabric, which reminiscences Moments buds, which is not a bad idea though. I quiet like the suit-type fabric cover to the case which gives it a premium, sophisticated look unlike all plastic cases. The pill-shaped case measures 8cm x 3cm x 4cm not the smallest size out there but it is still very much pocketable but considering the battery it offers, I have no complaints. Also, not many manufacturers provide a lanyard cable to their case like the one we see here. You can of course remove it if you don’t fancy it.

There is the convenient Type C port for charging. It also offers quick charging which I would talk about in a while.

There are 4 LED light indicators to determine the battery level which is convenient and something even big budget brands skip these days.

The buds sit pretty neatly inside, the magnetic points make sure they are securely fitted inside when not in use. There clear left and right markings in case you keep fumbling on the correct one.

The pair itself has a minimalist design language and snugs in neatly into the ear canal. It is made of plastic and the outer side has a metalic ring around it and the Lypertik logo completes the picture. Overall, the design of Tevi is desirable, functional and also fits well so practical too.

Power house CODECS

Lypertek has made sure the TEVI is not left behind in any of the required CODEC offerings. The Lypertek Tevi features 6mm graphene drivers, a frequency response range of 20-20,000Hz, Bluetooth 5, and support for the SBC, AAC, and Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth codecs. There is also Qualcomm cVc 8.0 microphone for the noise canceling while taking calls.


While there is no app support. The buds have a clickable button on the outer plate.

  • Play / Pause – single click on either buds
  • Volume up – double click on left bud
  • Volume down – double click on right bud
  • Next track – Triple click on left bud
  • Previous track – Triple click on right bud

Oh you can also activate the voice assistant on your phone. There is no wear detection, so the songs doesn’t pause when you take a bud off the ear. The buds can be used as a mono headset, while keeping the other pair on the case.

Audio quality of Lypertek Tevi

It is very difficult to find a balanced headphones these days leave alone the TWS segment. The usual tendency is to amp up the bass or bass and treble. Lypertek Tevi brings balanced sound signature which most audiophile would appreciate.

I am an android guy so have tested the buds with my Android phones but you should be at ease with apple ecosystem too with its AAC offering. With the aptX codec supported devices, the definitions are really good on Android smartphones.

The neutral tuning means all the notes are detailed and have its own place in the scheme of music and nothing is over powering one another. It picks fairly good fine details though Momentum 2 TWS has spoiled me a lot when it comes to picking distinctive feeble elements. Still, Tevi does a fairly better clarity for it’s segment. Though a tad bit of bass would have been more to my listening priorities. It does a decently good job at sound staging and I quiet liked the sound separation it offers.

Below 80 percent of volume, the sound is pleasant but push it beyond this it tends to be shrill but hey listening on that high level is not good for your ears too. So I have no qualms about it either.

We don’t always just listen only to music these days, I had no trouble with Lypertek Tevi while watching movies on Netflix, or random Youtube videos. There was no latency issues while gaming too. Call clarity was good and no one had any complaints so far.

I could pair only one device at a time, there seem to be issue with multi-device connectivity. I was not able to do dual pairing / ability to quick switch between two devices Looks like you have to unpair the existing one to join the next device, which is kind of a bummer.

Battery life of Lypertek Tevi

You can charge the case to 100% once and forget the refueling for long long time. The Lybertek Tevi states a 10 hour battery life per charge on the buds. I could easily sail through 9 hours in my test. Additionally, the case offers in total a mammoth 70 hours. This is quiet a lot of hours for you to burn before you charge it next.

Lypertek Tevi review Verdict:

Pros of Lypertek Tevi

  • Impressive battery life both on buds and case
  • Neutral sound signature
  • good sound separation and decent staging
  • packs good codec support
  • Call quality is good
  • good design and fit

Cons of Lypertek Tevi

  • multi-device connectivity
  • If you are sucker of bass, this doesn’t offer the bass boost you might like

For a name unheard, Lypertek Tevi was a surprise offering – I would rate the best I have come across this segment taking over the 1More TWS. If you are more of a bass guy, you could opt for 1More but if you love good neutral sound signature and the other goodness I listed especially the battery life, this one takes the cake.

If you want to buy it after reading this review or want to take a look at the current price and availability, click over to Headphone Zone for the product page HERE

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