Edimax IC-3030iWn IP Camera with night vision – review

Edimax IC-3030iWN is a network camera targeted mainly the home segment for indoor use. It can be hooked to your network connection either wired or wirelessly and enables you to keep a tab on your children, pets or home in general from wherever you are by logging into your computer or smartphone.  Further more, this IP camera also has motion detection and night vision capabilities. Sounds cool and useful? Read further our complete review.

Unboxing Edimax IC-30309WN and box contents


What you have inside the box is
  • Network camera
  • Power adapter
  • Detachable antenna
  • Ethernet cable
  • Mounting kit
  • Installation guide
  • CD with installation software and guides


Physical attributes of the IP Camera:

The IP camera in itself is a size of those good old portable audio cassette players. Obviously, it is meant for home and personal use, so don’t look at a very sneaky spy gadget. On the front you have the camera eye surrounded by a focus ring. Infra Red LEDs surround the focus ring and on the left you have three LEDs indicating the camera power and networking status that include separate indicators for LAN and Wireless.


On the top you have the slot for the detachable antenna for the wireless SMA connector and a SD Card slot and on the bottom you have reset to default/WPS button, power connector, Ethernet connector, audio connector and microphone. The mounting kit is well built and functional and it is quiet easy to set up. [gallery link="file" ids="1161,1160,1163,1162,1159,1164,1158"]

 Setting up the Edimax IP camera IC-3030iWn

Installation of the hardware is quiet a straight affair. Plugin the IP camera to your power source and connect the camera to your network. Insert the CD and run the software installation, the installation wizard takes care of all the simple process. It should work without hassles on your Windows machine 2000/XP or 7. I have not tested it on Windows 8, so cannot confirm that and I have no words on that on the Edimax site too. It auto detects the IP address status of your network and affixes a free IP address for the IP camera using DHCP, though you also has an manual setting option. Once installed and the camera running, open your browser, type the IP address in the address bar and you will be prompted for your user name and password. Once you logged on, you can monitor the events captured by the camera as well as hear the sounds. If you are on smartphone either Android or iOS , you can download IP camera apps and log in. This is how the web interface looks like:


Remote Web interface of Edimax IP Camera

The web interface of Edimax IP camera gives you a plethora of options and functionality to the network camera.
  • It allows you to take snapshots, record the video and also speak to IPCam from your remote point.
  • It supports three video types MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264
  • It has options to control the brightness and volume.
  • The video has an option for 3 resolutions: 1280×1024,640×480 and 320×240 with a max frame rate of 30 FPS
  • You also has an option to turn on and off the Infra red LED for night vision
  • A network settings for LAN, WLAN, Dynamic DNS, UPnP etc
  • You can enable or disable motion detection and also set the motion detection interval. When a motion is detected, you can enable it to record video or take snapshot and get it send to you through e-mail or FTP or save it to the SD Card
  • You can pre-define the motion region, you need to focus in the covered area, which might be handy in many situations and avoid random alerts to you.
  • Through the web interface you can set the email address foremaill notifications, configure the FTP settings.
  • You can schedule the recording and snapshot functionality
Find below screenshots of the web interface. [gallery link="file" ids="1167,1168,1169,1165,1171,1166,1170,1172,1175,1173,1174"]

What is good

  • Easy to setup
  • Good web interface
  • iPhone and Android support
  • Number of options and remote functionailties

What is bad

  • Slightly slow frame rate
  • Pink tone to the images

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