Infinix Note 5 Review - Affordable powerhouse

People have different requirements for a Smartphone – some needs a better gaming smartphone, for some camera would be a deal breaker and for many battery should be solid. If you are one of those who give prime importance to the battery, Infinix Note 5 should be something you should look at in the affordable price segment. It comes with a 4500mAh battery and also comes clean with Android One…
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Honor 9N Detailed Review - A stylish all-rounder

Honor has been on a roll with back to back launches, the aggressive approach also propelled the parent company Huawei go past Apple as the second largest Smartphone vendor in the world and also push it the elite top 5 league in India. The key to success for any brand is to offer choices to the users in various price segments. Honor has a lot to offer in the 10K to 30K price segment in India and…
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Truvision 32-inch non-smart TV TW32 63 Review

Not everyone needs a smart TV , my mother just sticks to her cable TV channels and never had once attempted any Smart TV functionality our TV offers, if I have to buy her a separate TV for her room, I would only buy a non-Smart TV that fits her usage. Like her, there are…

Ultimate WonderBoom FreeStyle collection launched in India | Pricing, Designs and Specifications

Ultimate Ears is one of the well recognized audio brand of Logitech, the Swizz company that makes some cool peripherals for computer and mobile devices.  Now, the funky Ultimate Wonderboom freestyle collection is launched in India and is available in five designs – Concrete, Avocado, Patches, Raspberry and Unicorn. The freestyle collection is a premium wireless speakers with waterproofing…
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Asus VivoBook S14 406UA Review

Asus has a wide portfolio in laptop ranging from the premium upmarket Zenbook series to the gamer’s delight ROG series and inbetween they also have the VivoBook series which offers a stylish, sleek look but at a price step lower than the Zenbooks. Within the VivoBook…

9 Reasons why Honor 9N scores over Redmi Note 5 Pro

The plain fact is there is no one best Smartphone, had it been there no one would be buying any other mobiles, right? Every phone has its own plus and minus points that people weigh over when buying their new Smartphone, when their needs matches more with the positives a phone offer, they buy it. Simple. If you are looking for an affordable mid-range Smartphone, the  choices narrow between the…
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