Vivo V5 Review - Can the 20 megapixel selfie camera steal the moonlight?

Before I start the review, few things have to be mentioned upfront. There is a tendency to compare phones like Vivo V5 with online exclusive models which have considerably better specs. Yes, they do but then it’s an unfair comparison and biased against phone pitched primarily targeted at offline channels. The brick and motors channels incur more marketing and distribution costs and so its a…
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Top Features of Vivo V5 that might interest you

Vivo V5 is touted as the world’s first Smartphone with a whooping 20 megapixel front camera with a flash light for better selfies. If that caught your attention, here are the top features of the Vivo V5 you should know apart from the ‘moonlight’ camera, the…

Aegon iTerm, online protection plan relaunched with new features

Aegon Life AD Rider: In case of an accidental death of the life assured, the sum assured under the rider will be paid. Aegon Life iCI Rider: It covers 4 critical illness conditions i.e cancer, open chest CABG, first heart attack and stroke. Aegon Life WOP Rider: For the above mentioned 4 critical illness, future premiums payabale under the base plan and riders (if any) are waived …
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Hindware Dreambath App makes you visualize your bathroom before you buy

Hindware bathroom inspiration) , the app gives comprehensive information including the company’s bathroom product range, 24+ bathroom themes for you settle on your right décor for your private space, alongside features to change particular product fittings with another within the theme and get an instant quote. The highlight of the app for me is its powerful augmented reality feature which can…
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Honor 8 Smart Key : Adding an extra button

What is Smart Key? When you press the finger print sensor of the Honor 8, unlike other phones you get a distinctive click sound like a button. Yes, it indeed is. The finger print sensor can act as a button and one can perform three actions on it – Press, double press…

Asus Zenfone 3 Review

Last year the Zenfone 2 series was amongst my recommendation list, the Zenfone series phones I felt were easy for not-so-techie people to use and it was. People who bought it upon my recommendation had no complaints and they found it easy to use. Also, it was an affordable…

Seagate rebrands its high-capacity storage drives product lineup as 'the Guardian series'

We simply consume more contents and the contents are increasingly more fatter in size. Not only consuming, we even produce more 4K videos thanks to the increasing 4K video capabilities of the Smartphone and thus a need for higher capacity drives. So increasingly for many 1TB hard drives are not enough to store all their photos, games and music and there is always a constant need for more space. …
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