AsiaPower Powerbank AP-5200A review

Earlier we reviewed AP-2200A portable charger and here we have it’s fat cousin, AsiaPower Powerbank AP-5200A boasting a bigger 5200 mAh capacity and a dual output that can charge two devices at the same time. AP-5200 has a perfect monolith square form factor with a curved edges. The box contains the portable powerbank, micro USB cable and a user manual. You also get a 2 mm charging pin. AP-5200A-cables The power input port is flanked by two output port of AP-5200A_I0 On the top there is a battery indicator button. Pressing it will start the charging the connected device. AP-5200A_2 The LED indicator shows the battery capacity status. AP-5200A_indicator Two devices can be simultaneously  connected to AP-5200A. So if you have a tablet and mobile that needs battery juice, you can connect both at the same time. AP-5200A_devices-connected The 5200 mAh lithium ion battery has a 5V/1A input with a dual output values of  1 ampere  and 2.1 ampere. A typical full recharge of the battery takes up to 4 hours. For our test, we had put our brand new  Samsung Galaxy S4 device with a battery capacity of 2600 mAh for charge onto the 2.1 ampere output and Galaxy S3 with a battery capacity of 2100 mAh onto the 1 A output port. Here is our test analysis. In two hours SGS4 was fully charged and in another 2o minutes the Powerbank battery status showed 1% and SGS3 stood at 40% charge. The combined total output from the Powerbank AP-5200A stands at around 3500 mAh which is 70% of the indicated capacity of 5200 mAh. It should be noted that in our earlier review of AsiaPower Powerbank AP-22ooA also we were able to get only 70% of the mentioned battery capacity.

TR Verdict on Powerbank AP-5200A

AsiaPower AP-5200A is priced at  Rs. 2299/- Though the company claims 5200 mAh battery capacity, our tests shows a full drain output of 3500 mAh which is around 70% of the claimed output. A reasonable price plus a dual output keeps it a decent value for money at this offered price range. A square solid design with curved edges is easy to toss around your carry bags.]]>

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