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Mobogenie 2.0 Android Market Place – From an app store to an entertainment hub
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Mobogenie 2.0 Android Market Place – From an app store to an entertainment hub

If Columbus would have set on an App hunt, he would give Google Play Store a miss, and discover a whole new world out there for the little green robot. There are quiet a few alternative Android app stores around and Mobogenie is making all the right noises and moves to make App discovery exciting and bring community engagement.

Recently,  a new version of their Android app marketplace named as ‘Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store’ has been released and Mobogenie wants us to know it is not just an yet another app store but an entertainment hub.

For the uninitiated, Mobogenie was founded in 2013 but within the short span they have build a reputation of a secure Android app with abundance of Apps and it even comes pre-installed now with some of the Smartphones.  With a 440 million+ installations, Mobogenie also play hosts to a  large repository of localized mobile and entertainment apps.

What is new in Mobogenie 2.0?

The new UI gives a clean, minimalistic look with an intuitive engagement. What is good about Mobogenie is it allows for discovery of whole new league of hitherto unheard apps worth trying which would not have unfortunately not made into the headlines of the Google Play store.

If you are like me who hates login requirements, Mobogenie is a welcome change. You can simply start engaging with the store, download apps in a single click and start using the apps all without having to register and login to the store.

A neatly tabbed app discovery, allows for endless list of apps through a simple scroll-down design with a flick of finger. The top navigation toolbar allows for seamless selecting between content categories at all times, while a swipe to the right gives the user access to a detailed sidebar, allowing for simple management of downloaded files, backing up data to PC, and sharing with friends via major social networking platforms.

Swacha Smartphone. Mobogenie has a cleaning tool baked right in their app store. The tool can help you free up more memory and get rid of unwanted residual junk that tend to be accumulated during app installs and uninstalls and thus keeps the Smartphone at its best of running power.

With local content currated, Mobogenie also can recommend the best of the local apps based on the user tags and big data with an one-point recommendation in all categories. Don’t like papa to preach? you can always wade through the seemingly endless list of apps you can scroll down in various categories.

If you are logged in, you can get treated by Mobogenie loyalty program that gives you little bonuses on your various actions which can be redeemed.

Watch out for our review of Mobogenie 2.0 app store here as well as on our YouTube shortly. Meanwhile, you can check out the genie yourself by installing the app store.

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