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How to check if a Website is down or not on Android device? [isDown App]
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How to check if a Website is down or not on Android device? [isDown App]

If you are a website administrator many a times you would have scrambled to check if it’s your site down everywhere or it’s only for you. Even for the rest of the folks, you might come across a internet connection problem when you are accessing a site and might think if it is your connection error or the site is not reachable elsewhere too. If you are on computer the easiest way to cross-verify is to use sites like

What if you are on an Android tablet or smartphone? There is an app for almost every task and there is isDown? app to check if a website is down only on your device or for everyone. Not just checking the connection status the app also helps to shorten the URL or in case you received a minified URL and want to verify it, the app allows you to expand it.


The interface is pretty simple. You can paste the website link or type and hit the isDown? button. It will give the status of the website. There is also option to convert the url to tiny url and also to expand a tiny url to the real source. There is also options to share the results on social networking sites.

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