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GooiGilli is a Gilli-danda game for your iPhone, Android devices
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GooiGilli is a Gilli-danda game for your iPhone, Android devices

Before Cricket took the fancy of our nation, most of the kids of Indian subcontinent would have grew up playing Gilli Danda, I have fond memories of playing the rustic game played with just two sticks. Now the team at MyGooi has launched an GooiGilli gaming app, that brings the Gilli danda game to your Smartphones.

Available free to download on both iOS and Android, the game has 10 levels and has three modes – Easy, normal and hard to choose from. The game can be played as individuals or you can play with your friends. The game play is simple, you strike the gilli (the small stick) with your big stick as far across the field as possible making sure it is not caught by an outfielder. Seemingly simple, I have to admit the few early attempts I made, barely was able to connect the shots. The graphic is good and pleasing for the eyes. There is also a leader board to keep you challenging your friends

To download visit: GooiGilli at Play Store / iTunes

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