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This Monsoon, the new Bosch Home and Car Washer Range should bring relief
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This Monsoon, the new Bosch Home and Car Washer Range should bring relief

While Monsoon brings relief from heat, vehicle users also dread the sight of their messy cars and bikes. If you are lazy like me, the usual Sunday chore (forget everyday) of cleaning the vehicle is something I dread, it eats my time and energy, or we end up paying for every wash. What could be a easy way out? Bosch had thought of it and that is why they have an impressive range of home and car washer range. Did I say home? Well you can use it clean your outer walls, patios or windows too.

Bosch Power Tools India invited auto enthusiasts for a demo of High Pressure Washers (HPW) from Bosch’s stable – AQT 35-12 and AQT 37-13, amongst others. There were hardcore bike and jeep enthusiasts who take their spin around their vehicles on a dirt and assembled to see what the cleaning range can do wonders to their vehicles.


The event started on a dirty note, literally. Everyone got an opportunity to throw slush on the cars and bike to get them as much dirty as possible.


With the Bosch Aquatek on their side, the crowd got to clean the vehicles merrily.


What would have been a laborious task of cleaning with buckets of water, cloth and sweat looked a jolly affair. The Bosch home and car cleaner was able to clean  the blanket of mud and dirt effortlessly.


This is what one amongst the auto enthusiasts has to say  “while we as riders or drivers are passionate about our machines, keeping them clean and ready for the next ride is very important. The convenience of use and the portability of the washers make it a handy equipment to pamper your machines”.

The difference between the traditional belt driven pressure washer and the Bosch washer is the the Bosch range uses a combination of high flow rate and powerful pressure which helps in reducing the water consumption. The washers are also easy to operate and apart from cleaning cars and bikes can also be used to clean driveways, courtyards etc.

Mr. Panish PK, Regional Sales Director and Business Head – India and SAARC – Bosch Power Tools said “The passion and enthusiasm among the two and four wheeler community is very infectious. It is exciting to see our range of high pressure washers being quite useful to them, especially during monsoon. The use of our high pressure washers is quite versatile in itself and can be used effectively by the riding community as it can be by the construction sector”.


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