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Antec Bias LED Lighting Kit Review
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Antec Bias LED Lighting Kit Review

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With a strip of LED lights that could be stick to the back of your monitor and powered by a USB port, it gives a halo effect which Antec claims reduce eye fatigue during your long work hours.

When Antech Soundscience Bias Halo 6 LED lighting kit arrived at my desk for review, to be frank I was a bit amused. Last thing, I would have imagined to plug in my USB port is a strip of LED lights to give a ‘night club’ effect to my working environment but Antec did send me one. Working on long hours on computer especially at nights and in low lights, I know the strain my eyes goes through since I like minimal lights during my ‘owl’ hours.

Ask any eye doctor he likely to tell you that improper lighting causes eye strain. A proper indoor lighting while working on computer would include avoiding overhead fluorescent lights or if not possible atleast opt for light source with less intensity, floor or desk lamps and also avoid glare from any light source from behind hitting on the monitor.

The box is quiet unassuming in a grey tone and sporting an image of a monitor with a halo around it. Inside the package  you find the LED strip curled that makes the ‘kit’. If you expect a fancy gizmo to spring right out of the box, you are for a disappointment.

The LED strip is 14.6 inch in length with 6 white mini-LEDs connected to a 4.3 inch USB cable. The LED strand is quiet flexible and the LEDs itself are encased in a black shiny plastic protective casing and in the back you find 3M adhesive strip.


In case your monitor is small and you want to cut the length of the strip, there are two scissor indicators where you can cut the strip. Spacing is roughly 4 inches between the two cut points that puts two LED lights in each segments. So if you are doing away with one segment, you will have to sacrifice two LEDs.

The length of the USB cable is 4.3 feet. A reasonable length to reach to the USB port.


No driver is required for installation, since the modus operandi is simple. Draw power from the USB and light up. No rocket science require for mounting the strip too. Just strip off the adhesive backing and stick the strip to the monitor back.

So here is the warning. 3M adhesive is quiet effective and so make sure you get the positioning right before you stick it. Else, you will have to literally peel the strip out that not only leaves a ‘sticky’ situation with the sticky goo but also once removed, the adhesive strip may not be effectively reusable, so you have to use other additional adhesives. Also make sure you clean the surface from dusts before you stick the strip.

This is how the strip looks at the back of the monitor.


Let there be lights….!

A sore note? The USB cable that protrudes out of the sides especially if you like less of messy wires around your table. Not a big deal otherwise if you have a messy table like mine.


Here is a snapshot of the backlight of the monitor.


Especially when working at nights or in darker room Antec Bias lighting kit seems to provide enough ambient light that does not distract you nor strain your eyes. I am no eye expert to go into technicals but what I can confirm with my practical test is the light is soft on eyes.

Antec Bias Lighting LED kit could be exciting for hardware modders and might give lot many cool and crazy ideas when custom building a PC.

Against a light colored wall, the lighting kit for sure is cool on eyes especially on very low-lighting environment.

The product is decent but I feel can be improved. For instance, a power on/off switch near the strip would have been handy instead of each time plugging in and out the USB cable. Also, LED brightness adjustment could have been a good addition.

Antec Soundscience bias halo 6 LED kit is priced at a  MRP Rs. 600 in India and at  around 12 US $ in US.

On a concluding note, Antec Soundscience Bias Lighting LED kit is a fun product to try, it also makes an interesting gift option in that price range for any gadget freaks.


  • Easy and simple to use.
  • The halo moon-lit is soft on eyes.
  • Fun to try.



  • Cable sticking out from the side of the monitor
  • A 6 feet cable could have been better.
  • Lack of power on/off switch


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