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Antec Advance Accent Lighting Kit Review
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Antec Advance Accent Lighting Kit Review

The nerd said ‘let there be light’ and it glowed red and blue. You don’t have to be a nerd to deck up your workstation with LED lights, all you need is Antec LED strip which is available in red and blue.

What Antec has done is put an On/Off switch to a LED strip and connected a power chord that can be plugged into USB port for lighting and neatly packaged it. In our Antec advance accent lighting kit review, we are going to take you through the kit and how it can be used, if at all you are interested in LED stuffs.

The package is very similar to the Antec Bias LED lighting kit we reviewed sometime back. Honestly, except for the On/Off switch and the color of LED lights there is nothing to differentiate between both the kits.






Peel the cover and you get the unassuming small strip of 6 LEDs with a long power chord. The chord is quiet long measuring a good 4 feet.

In case you would want to cut down the strip for shorter length, there are two cut points shown with a scissor mark. You can cut the length for reduced length. Each cut length removes two LEDs from the strip.


A power on/off button is a good addition.

antec-advance-lighting-kit-on-off-switchBehind the LED strip is a 3M glue base. Peel the glue cover and paste the strip on your electronic device. When we tried to peel the cover though, it was not a smooth affair. It didn’t come off smoothly and I have to scrap it to get the cover to get the glue face exposed. May be it was an issue with just this unit as I did not face such problem when I reviewed Antec bias lighting kit which uses a similar glue base.


Now time to stick the LED strip on your device. I have used it on the front edge of my keyboard and plug the power chord on the USB port. Hit the On button and comes the light.


In dark ambience, it gives a very dramatic visual provided you like such lighting effects. You can use a USB hub and use many LED strips to light up your monitor, cabinets etc for more sci-fi effect. There is nothing much to talk about the product, it enhances the visual impact and apart from that offers no value addition.

So what is my final take on the product? Honestly, these type of products can’t be reviewed as we do most other gadgets. Antec Lighting kit is a very niche product targeted at those who would like to soak themselves in funkily decked up workstations or gadget bay. Additionally, it also makes a good gifting option if you are wondering what to gift a gadget freak.

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