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ABB brings its dual-armed robot  YuMi to the Make In India event
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ABB brings its dual-armed robot YuMi to the Make In India event

Cover photo: (Left to Right): Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog , Marcus Wallenberg, Vice Chairman, Investor AB, Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister Sweden, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India and Sanjeev Sharma, CEO and MD, ABB India with the world’s first truly collaborative dual armed robot by ABB – YuMi at the Make in India week.

At the Make In India event, one of the key initiative of Prime minister Narendra Modi, ABB showcased its strong engineering and R&D projects and solutions including the world’s first truly collaborative robot, YuMi which was on display at the exposition.

The Swedish engineering giant which was part of the Swedish pavilion also put forward the world’s first multi terminal ultra-high voltage direct current link that will bring power to more 90 million people. This solution is in line with the Prime minister’s vision of making the country energy sufficient and also give boost to renewable energy. In tune with that, the ABB demonstrated the locally engineered solar pump drive that makes irrigation for farmers grid independent.

ABB with over 100 years of presence in India has been actively in tandem with the growth of Indian automation journey in various sectors. It was instrumental in the first HVDC project in India 25 years ago and also has set up the first pilot multi-source microgrid in the heart of Delhi last year, and also has been powering the innovative canal top solar project for the Clean Enegry initiative.

Here is an inforgraphic on the ABB story in India.



YuMi of course was the centre of attraction showcasing the robotics excellence of ABB. YuMi is specifically designed to meet the flexible and agile production needs of the consumer electronics industry, and other small parts assembly and packaging applications.

ABB says YuMi is designed to be work in collaboration with Humans rather than outdo them or replace them at work. This is the future of robotics where men and machine can work in tandem harmoniously.

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