What Gamers might want: Check out these Corsair Vengeance goodies

What arrived at our desk for review might make a gamer jump with joy! A trio of gaming goodies from Corsair to keep us engaged for good many hours. Corsair Vengeance series scores big time with me for their bigger, no-nonsense approach for functionality and robust design be it their brilliant  headsets,  mech-switch keyboards or rock solid mouse. We have here Vengeance 1500 – Gaming Headset, Vengeance M65 – Gaming Mice and Vengeance K90 – Gaming Keyboard and currently firing our gaming stations with them. We will be bringing the complete review very soon but for now here is a brief note on the products before we sweat our hands and soak our ears and bring out our report card on them.


Vengeance 1500 Gaming Headset

A a solid and comfortable headset with a gigantic 50mm drivers produces top-notch sound quality for this price range.  This Dolby ear gear is not just ideal for gaming but also for movies since it simulate a 7.1-channel speaker system in your ears much better than the stereo headsets.

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Vengeance M65 Gaming Mice

With a unibody aluminum frame and adjustable weight along with a very functional and ergonomic design makes this rodent feel good on palms during long hours of play. Throw in a mind-boggling top-end DPI setting of 8,200 and if that top-end mark proves to be insanely too sensitive for gaming you have three DPI profile settings to any value between 50 and that top-end 8,200 mark. You also have good  customization and control to assign your quick selections and tweak your mice to your need and don’t miss out that programmable sniper button. Bring on the enemies!

Vengeance K90 Gaming Keyboard

A sturdy board with keys backlit with blue LED and array of ‘G Keys’, essentially macro keys and eighteen in number with 54 programmable functions across 3 banks. The Cherry MX Red switches gives the extra responsiveness for gaming with less effort and Corsair has designed this with MMO players in mind. Now let me get back to drill few more long hours with these combination and I will get back with the detailed talk on what is hot and cold about each one of these products. ]]>

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