Samsung Galaxy S4 Safety Assistance feature review

Safety isn’t expensive, its priceless. In an unique, innovative and laudable move, Samsung has safety as one of the focus area in it’s new flagship device. Samsung Galaxy S4 Safety Assistance feature is an unassuming utility that many of you might even not notice it. During my conversation with many of the SGS4 users, I was surprised many of them were not even aware of this new feature. In this post, I detail about the Safety assistance feature and why it is important and should be enabled by all SGS4 users.

How to access Galaxy S4 Safety Assistance feature

Go to > Home > Settings > My device > Safety Assistance Tick the feature on. The feature is very easy to set up. We will discuss it below.

How to set up the Galaxy S4 Safery Assistance feature

Setting up is very easy. There is not much to do except ticking on the options and also pre-assign up to four contacts you would want to reach out during any emergency situation.
  • Add up to four contacts in the emergency contacts options .
  • You can set the message interval to once or every 10 minutes or 20 minutes.
  • Option to send emergency pictures. When enabled, both the front and rear camera shoot pictures and send it along with the emergency message when activated.
  • Option to edit emergency message. You can keep it default or personalize it.

How does Galaxy S4 Safety Assistance feature work?

The feature once enabled is quick to access and enable. I hope you don’t land up in any situation that warrants you to use it but God forbid you find yourself in a distress situation, all you have to activate the emergency alert is to hold and press together the volume up and down key for 3 seconds. It immediately tracks your exact location via GPS and if you have the send emergency picture option ticked on, it also captures the pictures with front and rear camera and sends an emergency message with your location and images to the contacts you have added in the contact list to reach during emergency. Here is a video we made explaining the Safety assistance feature. In our Samsung Galaxy S4 Safety Assistance feature review test, the application worked neat. It pinpointed almost the exact detail of our location and also send the pictures as MMS to the emergency contact list. Mighty impressive and effective and simple to enable, one never knows when you might need a bit of safety measure by your side. It always pays to be prepared in life. It’s very thoughtful of Samsung to add this feature and add credibility to the device’s tagline of being life companion. ]]>

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