Rapoo H6080 Bluetooth foldable headset review

Bluetooth headsets are increasingly getting popular for the sole reason it is cable free. It also has certain setbacks like connectivity issues, range and the audio reproduction tends to suffer due to wireless connectivity plus they are pricey when compared to the wired headsets. The good news is the companies are pushing hard to give a better wireless audio experience and the prices are going down and comes in various price range. Rapoo is one company that specializes in wireless peripherals with an array of products like keyboards, mouse and audio products for mobile, tablets and desktops. Rapoo H6080 is one of their bluetooth headset with a unique foldable design and we are going to talk about it in this review. Rapoo H6080 falls under Supra-aural headset category were we have the pads sitting against the ear rather than over the ear like what a full-sized headphones offer. The headset has a unique design with a foldable mode. It is very easy to carry around while travelling. The headband length can be adjusted and can be conveniently folded. The ear cup is attached to the main headband with a movable metal piece and it can be slided in and out for length adjustment to fit the head-sizes. There is also a metal trim adorning the ear cans. Barring these metal trims, the headset uses plastics but H6080 does look good and sturdy. The plastic elements doesn’t look cheap in any scale. The head band also has the Rapoo name marked in self tone and I like when the brands tom toms themselves subdued. On the bottom side of the top of the head band is a soft cushioning, good for long hours of usage while it rests on head. Rapoo-H6080-folded Lined by soft microfibre and cushioning, the ear cups is soft on ears for long usage. The style of padding affords the Rapoo H6080 decent noise isolation. Rapoo-H6080-ear On a closer observation you will note that the ear cups are not attached directly to the metal stalk but uses what looks like shock absorbers or hinges. It provides small movement of the ear cups for better flexibility when it rests on ears. All the controls are on the left ear can. There is a power on off button that also doubles as volume rocker. Adjacent to it is a USB port which can be used to recharge the built-in battery and also used to connect to devices via cable mode. Rapoo-H6080-controls Rapoo has also included a carry case out of the box. The headset on folded mode snuggles neatly inside the case and good while packing on the move.



When we talk about wireless bluetooth headsets. First comes the pairing with devices. Rapoo H6080 uses Bluetooth 4.o technology. Pairing it with devices using old bluetooth technology is difficult or better put not practical. Even it had problem pairing with certain latest devices. While it paired easily with Galaxy S3, the very latest Lenovo K910L could not be connected. So I would advice the readers to make sure their device are compatible with your device before buying it. Even pairing it could have been a simpler affair. We need to press the power button deep for switching on/off. When it is powered you get a green light. When the bluetooth is searching initially, the LED light flickers. Once you manage to pull it through with the pairing, it works as charm. You can use the headset both for listening pleasure and for attending phone calls. Talking about the audio reproduction, the speakers features COM-Ti membrane vibrating technology which promises a clear treble and mellow sound. In reality, the music that comes out of H6080 is at the best average. Let’s not forget, Rapoo H6080 at its price level is not a premium offering. For pure music aficionados, there are headsets on a steep price.  For the price bracket, on a first hear for an average user, it does seem to give decent output for casual hearing. But soon you will note the treble is not the strongest point and the over all audio reproduction is bit synthetic and not well rounded. Though the bass is mellowed, few of the high notes suffers and is muddied. While on a call, it works very well. There was no problem in the incoming voice while the person on the other end also vouched for the voice clarity. You can just say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to answer or reject a call. Rapoo-H6080-power-mode

Final note

Rapoo H6080’s strongest point is the design and easy portability due to its foldable design.  It offers an average audio reproduction but with an option for USB connectivity through cable which can make it pair with various devices even without bluetooth functionality and a good calling functionality turning out to be its brownie points, it is bogged down by wireless connectivity issues with some of the devices. Currently, Rapoo H6080 is available for around 4.5K Indian Rupees in many e-commerce sites. On this price range, you get a good wired headset but if Bluetooth is what you want, take a look at it if you can’t stretch the budget beyond 5K but make sure your device is compatible with the headset.]]>

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