Rapoo H3070 Wireless Headphone Review

Wireless headphones are quiet convenient to carry around as well as to keep the desk wire-free.  Leading the wireless headphone categories are Bluetooth enabled wireless headsets. While the Bluetooth headsets are popular, they are also other wireless headsets that work on other modes. Rapoo H3070 works on 2.4GHz radio frequency and it can work on audio devices that does not support bluetooth and also can be hooked on your regular gadgets like laptops, mobile and tablets.  Rapoo’s forte is wireless gadgets and their wireless keyboards and mouse are well made stuffs. Can they recreate the same wireless magic in the headset category? We have an answer here with Rapoo H3070. As usual like most Rapoo products, the packaging is clean and neat. The product is well displayed through the see-through sheet and it comes in a sleek packaging. Rapoo-H3070-box The head band is thin like a wire with a transparent plastic piping. It sits light on the head. It is also easy to wipe clean. The band length is adjustable by sliding in and out. I am usually picky when it comes to on-ear headsets. (I prefer over-the-ears larger cans or in-ear models) Rapoo H3070’s has a pair of  on-ear or supra-aural type of ear-pads that press lightly against the ears.  The 2-inch diameter cans looks rather small and it just manages to completely cover the ears. Rapoo-H3070 The left can has the controls and ports that include a volume rocker, a mini-USB port and a microphone which allows the handset to make voice chats. Rapoo-H3070-ear-can The volume rocker also doubles as a power button when pressed. You can recharge the internal lithium battery using the micro-USB port as well as to use the headset as a wired headset when connected to the USB port. Rapoo-H3070-controls The cushions are covered by soft grey colored polymer fabric. It looks very flimsy and at times I fear my nails would tear it off by mistake. Inside the earpads is nested a 30mm drivers. Rapoo-H3070-fabric The design of H3070 is anything but ordinary. It does not blow you away at first sight. On a scale of design and build quality, Rapoo H3070 does not score high but on a practical usage, the headset is quit comfortable on ears as well as long hours of use. The transmitter is bit over-sized to hook on to a mobile devices. It has a 3 mm jack, microphone, USB port and a power on/off button. The USB port is used to recharge the transmitter. Rapoo-H3070-transmitter Hook the 3mm audio jack to your mobile, laptop or other audio sources and the transmitter is ready to pass on the radio frequency to transmit the audio once you power it on. The transmitter gives a faint green LED light when it is powered on.



Pairing Rapoo H3070 is a breeze. Unlike bluetooth headsets you don’t have to go through the list of connected devices and pair them. Just plug the transmitter to the audio jack and power it on, the set up is complete. The headset delivers an average audio reproduction. Sound reproduction of lower notes is significantly skewed toward the muddier end of the spectrum while the bass disappoints. At the price range that H3070 is positioned, I expect a better audio reproduction. The listening quality is quiet good even when the volume is cranked up high without much discomfiture to ears. In wireless mode, the company claims a 8 meter range but the headset suffers from interference if you walk around walls. The interference are noticeably less within 4 meters. We mentioned that the headset has a built-in microphone but to record your voice you need to connect the transmitter to the USB port. Once connected it shows an additional red light. Now you can record via microphone. The recorded voice quality was very feeble. Finally Rapoo H3070 can be used as a headphone to answer or place phone calls hands-free. The call quality was slightly muffed but decent enough if not great. The person at the other end said they could hear me fairly well, although a keen listener can detect that the call is supplied through a headset.

thumbs_up_icons  What is good

  • Light weight
  • comfortable to use
  • Can pair with any audio source with 3.5 mm jack input

thumbs-down-icon  What is bad

  • Too pricey for the quality it offers
  • Average audio reproduction
  • Noticeable signal interference
  • Wi-Fi transmitter is too bulky for smartphones

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