Rapoo E6500 – Review: An android specific slim bluetooth keyboard

Rapoo-E6500 In the box you get a quick start guide, the keyboard and a mini USB cable. Rapoo-E6500-box-content In the picture below, you see the Rapoo E6500 alongside a 10″ tablet. The keyboard measures 82mm x 206mm x 5.8mm Rapoo-E6500 Flaunting a ultra slim body like a haute couture model, it is just 5.8 mm at the thinnest and features a scissor key structure. Due to the structural design, you have the keys closely placed and also requires less force to tap. Rapoo-E6500-side On the back, you find the mini-USB port, which is used to charge as well as connect to the device that does not support Bluetooth. Rapoo-E6500-usb-port A stainless steel makes the base of the keyboard which not just add to the sturdiness but also gives a strong character. A small footing in the front of the bottom keeps the keyboard in place. The battery compartment and logic board is fused to the steel plate giving it a wedge shape which also give the slight elevation for ease of typing. Rapoo-E6500-base On the rear you find the power on/off button and connect to Bluetooth button. There are also indicators for Bluetooth and power. Rapoo-E6500-rear The android hot keys in the top row gives quick access to Home, Back, Search, Web, email, Rewind, Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Mute, Decrease Volume, Increase Volume, and finally, Lock. They come very handy when working on Android tablet. Also on the bottom, adjacent to the space bar is a Menu key which brings up the application menu. Pairing the keyboard with a device is quiet easy and it requires a pairing code to be ‘enter’ed. If you are not used to the compact form factor, it might take a little while to get used and accuracy might slightly suffer especially if you are blessed with big hands. Based on Bluetooth 3.0 technology, the keyboard has a 10 meter working range. Though there is a physical connect to Bluetooth button, I find the device auto-connecting and it spared us the little extra effort. The rechargeable battery takes around 2 hours for full charge. On a final note, Rapoo E6500 has a great build quality, the base steel plate gives it a sturdy feel and a premium look and feel. Scissor key action is smooth but the keys are bit cramped. A sleek design makes it easy to carry and the hot keys makes it tango well with the Android devices.]]>

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