Rapoo 7100P review – A wireless 4D scrolling optical mouse

Rapoo 7100P wireless optical mouse has a similar generic-design but hosts a lot more buttons and options for a smoother and better use. The compact mouse that comes in black, red, green and grey colors options uses 5GHz frequencies compared to the commonly used 2.4 GHz frequency. It ensures faster and more stable signal that does not get away to physical interferences as well as Bluetooth and WiFi signals. The 5 GHz frequency is more reliable and can get far away from the interference of 2.4GHz wireless, giving for stable, better control and can reach upto a distance of 10 meters from the receiver. The box comes with the optical mouse and a USB wireless receiver. The Rapoo logo is prominent on the top of the mouse. The top has a barely visible self-design, breaking-free of the monotonous color. Rapoo-7100p Plugin the wireless receive to your computing machine and you are ready to work. Rapoo-7100p-usb The scrolling wheel has a cut-patterns for a better grip while scrolling and the gleaming faux-paux metal trim adds a lustre. See the two arrow marks on the sides of the wheel? The scroll wheel provides for 4D navigation or tilt-wheel in that not only you get to use back and forth movement on-screen but also sideways. On the design front, the top of the mouse has glossy plastic inlays on the edge similar to a horse-shoe pattern. A shiny plastic panel that nests the scroll wheel as well as the dpi buttons wedges the two standard buttons on either side which are slightly concave. It’s more comfort and the buttons have a very good response. Rapoo-7100p-mouse The two buttons on the left side of the mouse powers you to go back and forward the pages in your browser. While the right side is smooth, the left side has a dotted design, giving a faint grip to your thumb. Rapoo-7100p-optical-mouse_2 Rapoo 7100p gives an option to shuffle the sensitivity of the sensor values between 500 and 1000 dpi. The tiny glossy button when pressed blinks a red back lit, which flashes once when setting 500 dpi and twice at 1000 dpi. Rapoo-7100p-dpi On the rear, you find the invisible optical sensor that does not emit the LED light most optical mouses radiate. So no halo on your desk, while you move the mouse. You also find the on/off button to save the battery as well as the battery compartment. Rapoo-7100p-rear To start using the Rapoo 7100P, you need to insert AA batteries into the bottom of the mouse. It works both with single or two battery pack. If you want your mouse lighter, you can power it with a single battery and for more life and heavy feel pack two batteries.


thumbs_up_icons  What we liked

  • 5 GHz frequency for better, faster signal.
  • 4D Scroll wheel
  • Page back/forward button
  • dpi toggle switch

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