Quantum QHM 10KP 10000mAh Powerbank Review

The first powerbank I purchased had 1800mAh battery and that was a big pack back then but even the Smartphone those days had less battery and lasted longer since the processing demands were less. The smartphone these days packs in bigger internal batteries and also crunch more power resources, so the powerbanks too have evolved into bigger capacity and 10,000mAh is a minimum people look at when buying a new powerbank. I have over two dozen power packs lying in my office and I keep testing new ones in the market, what we are going to feature today is Quantum QHM 10KP 10000mAh powerbank review that arrived recently for me to try out. The power bank is from Quantum Hi-Tech a New Delhi headquartered company who are into consumer electronics and IT hardware peripherals since 1990s. What we are reviewing today is not the only powerbank in their portfolio. Most powerbank comes with a four dotted LED indicator that gives us an idea of the percentage remaining in the pack. Quantum QHM QKP has a LED panel displaying the percentage in numbers. The design is very ergonomic and the QHM 10KP weighs around 200 grams. Its compact and can fit into a pocket. The corners have smooth curves for easy handling.  The front face has an interesting patterned design for an interesting visual appeal. There are two USB ports and a micro USB port for charging. Right side has a button, pressing it would reveal the percentage of battery remaining on the display panel. Everything boils down to performance. Total capacity: 10,000mAh Charging time: 4 hours 20 minutes ( for full charge of the pack) Available discharge: 7600mAh Conversion rate: 76% Input power: 5V/2A Output power: 5V/2A Any powerbank won’t give out its full capacity in case you are not aware of. Anything above 75% is decent and I would rate 80% and more exceptionally well which very few powerbank manage to. In my tests, the Quantum 10KP had a 76% conversion rate.


Quantum QHM 10KP 10000mAh powerbank is available for around Rs 1090 in e-commerce websites and this price it has a good look, ergonomic form factor and a decent power conversion rate plus it also has a digital percentage display panel.]]>

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