Personalise your audio with Samsung Galaxy S4 Adapt sound – review

Frankly I though Adapt Sound would be a nothing else but a gimmick feature in the latest flagship Galaxy, Samung Galaxy S4. I was surprised after testing it out.. The little feature sitting unassumingly at the bottom of the sound setting is brilliant stuff. Not everyone hears the same nuances of audio. Each one’s sensory ability varies but your headset probably doesn’t know it. Audio headset manufacturers factory fit the head-gears adjust the audio signals receiver and balance as per the median consumer data. Some devices do allow to manually adjust the audio balance for each ear but again not all phones allow that and even if your phone does chances are you can’t get the correct setting on your own. Enter Samsung with it’s Adapt Sound for SGS4 and you get customized-for-you audio quality based on your hearing and the headset you use and all done automatically. Sounds music to ears, agree? To access the feature, head to Settings > My Device > Sound > Adapt Sound Now look out for a quiet room to run the test. It is very important you run this test in a room with no external disturbance. Once you are settled in the room, plugin your headset, hit start. s4-adapt-sound Once you press start, you will be exposed to various beeps played at different frequencies. If you hear the beep even faintest, press ‘yes’ else tap ‘no’, if you don’t hear anything. Don’t fret, if you don’t hear some of the beep, it’s quiet natural. The result depends on your own hearing and on the headphones being used. The test also takes into account the left and right ears by playing test tones separately with the respective audio channels. check-adapt-sound At the fag end of the test you will be asked to choose which ear you most use while attending calls to enhance the in-call audio quality. Sweet surprise here. The Adapt Sound feature not just adapts the music tailor-made for you but also works on enhancing the quality of in-call audio. Tap ‘done’ and your personalized music is served for you. You can test it too by hearing the original and the personalised music. Trust me you can make out the subtle differences. galaxy-s4-adapt-sound-preview Don’t forget to run the test again through when you change to a new headset. Adapt Sound is an interesting, cool feature that seem to deliver what it claims that is giving you a personlised music experience. If you own a Galaxy S4 and a music lover, I strongly recommend to run this test.]]>

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