Mivi Collar Neckband Bluetooth Earphone Review

You hate that long wire hooking up to your Smartphone while listening to music, else you won’t be here reading this. And probably you also want to listen music while doing an workout? If answer is yes to both, then you should keep reading this Mivi Collar bluetooth earphone review till the end. Mivi is an Indian company with a portfolio containing headphones and other accessories like cables, chargers for Smartphones. They recently launched this Mivi Collar bluetooth earphone targeted at both music buffs and health freaks and is available for Rs 2,699 in Amazon India while the MRP is stated at Rs 4,999.

Box contents:

  • Mivi Collar
  • Eartips (two pairs)
  • microUSB cable
  • User manual

Design and build

The neckband design is unique with an around the neck wearing style, while it might not be appealing to all, it is a niche product with a specific use case and targeted at certain user groups. The build quality of Mivi is quiet good and the band is flexible. While the band itself is made of plastic, the earbuds has metal construction. The mix of plastic and metal also helps to maintain the weight overall. While it weighs 30 grams, it does not weigh down on your neck. The earbuds have magnetic base and they clasp together (like in the pic below) and also snugs inside their respective placements within the neckband. When you are not listening to music, the magnetic earbuds secures themselves in its place. The right part of the neckband has the power button which is also a multi function button and a microUSB port. The left side has the volume buttons which also doubles up as track change buttons. Overall the Mivi Collar has an interesting if not a curious design. Bluetooth earphones unlike the bigger over-the-ear headphones are easy to loose or tend to fall while using them. The usual Bluetooth earphone type includes a thin wire connecting both the earbuds which are prone to fall easily, the neckband is much more secured piece of earphone. It wraps around your neck neatly and stands a less chance of loosing it even when you are not listening and just hanging around your neck, one reason why people like the neckband design.

Mivi Collar Specifications:

  • Impedance –16 ohms
  • Sensitivity – 104 db+/-3
  • Frequency range – 20Hz~20KHz
  • Battery Life – 10 Hours (at 70% Volume)
  • Battery – 150 mAh
  • Bluetooth  VER4.1
  • Bluetooth range – 30 feet
  • Aptx Support – Yes
  • Bluetooth  ICCSR 8645


Mivi Collar deliver and sound pretty decent audio but if you are keen on thumbing bass, this  produces only reasonable amount of bass and it distorts at higher volume. The vocals are clear but the mid tones are bit cloudy. Suffice to say this neckband like most in this price segment is not for those avid listeners but works well for casual listening and it works decently as a headset. No one reported any call quality issues the time I took calls on this headset. Bluetooth connectivity was good and stable, I had no drops or hiccups while walking around my home with phone in the pocket. Even at times when I placed the phone in the table, the range was pretty good. The buttons are easy to reach and use while changing tracks, controlling volume or to play/pause or answer incoming calls. Battery life is decent; it’s rated for 10 hours of music playback and you get vibrating prompts telling you that the headphone is on and in pairing mode. The ends of the neckband also vibrates, alerting you to incoming calls, an interesting take.


Mivi Collar definitely sounds better than the Samsung Level U in case you are comparing both. The design might not be very refined or solid like the Level U but the Collar is functional and practical to use. At the price you could pick on Amazon, it sounds a good deal.]]>

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