Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker Review

The best thing I like about these Bluetooth wireless speakers? The quirky designs and colors. Many companies are coming up with interesting design language in various price formats making this segment really ‘hot and happening’. Logitech has a good portfolio of Bluetooth speakers including their top-of-the-line Boombox series. They also have some really cool affordable speakers and today we have Logitech X100 wireless speaker falling in the $60 price bracket. In India it has a MRP sticker price of Rs 2,995. In our Logitech X100 wireless mobile speaker review, let’s take a look at the good, bad and I don’t think there would be anything ugly about it but still – we will rest our case at the end. The X100 comes in a well-thought of package that gives a good view of the product within. With design playing an important factor to attract consumers, the package does justice to it. Logitech-X100-Box The box contents includes a manual, a USB cable and the portable speaker. Surprisingly there is no power adapter included, so you may have to use your phone or tablet power adapter to charge the speaker or the PC / laptop via the USB cable. Logitech-x100-box-contents The X100 is a pretty basic device. It looks like a rounded lunch box with a smooth protrusion with a closed gap where a short lanyard (included with the device) can be attached to. The front face of the speaker has a plastic mesh with an interesting asymmetrical visual pattern made out of the perforations. At 3.35-inch diameter, the X100 is portable and can fit easily into any travel bag and also to carry it around. The included nylon strap is secured through plastic nubs but it feels delicately attached that I feel it might giveaway any time. So I prefer not to hang the speaker for much. The body initself is made out of a combination of plastic and rubber. Apart from the plastic mesh, there casing is made out of  rubberized material and offers good grip and feels sturdy. Logitech-X100-speaker Along the perimeter, the controls are nested as if etched to the case. There is a plus and minus buttons for volume controls, between them is a Bluetooth connecting button and then there is a small power button spaced slightly away. There is a ring along the buttons and they give a warm blue glow. The bluetooth button also works as play/pause button. Logitech-X100-controls Follow the sides and you will find an audio input, a Micro-USB port. The cut-out are neat with smooth edges giving extra brownie points to the premium feel. X100-power-audio-port The rear has the company name and logo etched into subtly. Logitech-x100-wireless-speaker

 How does it perform?

The X100 has a single 2.5inch speaker driver perched inside. For the small size, Logitech X100 throws very good audio output. It delivers surprisingly good mid-range and treble frequencies. The volume also maxes out pretty nice considering the size of the device and even at the maximum volume, it handles well the high frequency sound. Of course it does not out a stereo sound and we have to content with the monaural output. For an average music buff looking forward to a decent wireless speaker at a budget price, X100 performs decently good enough though a good ear can pick the lack of depth in the output. With a built-in microphone, the X100 also can double as a hands-free device to attend phone calls, though it is not very great at the department giving out a muffled output but you can manage with it for your random calls while you are kitchen stirring the pot or building a lego for your son. The bluetooth range of the X100 is manageable if not the 10meter range, it should see through a wall or two and 15-18 feets. The X100 gives a 5 hours playback and recharges back fully in 1 hour.

The final call

So is X100 worth the bucks? Absolutely. For US $50 or INR 2,990 it offers a good package – good looks, decent performance for the price, sturdy build quality. It’s a no-frills speaker and if you are looking for a portable, lightweight speaker to carry around at home or as a travel companion, X100 is a good choice.]]>

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