JVC TH-DKN-80 Tower Speaker Review

Japan’s Victor Company, is not an unknown name in India, they have been hugely popular with their car audio accessories even in small towns here and I remember our ambassador car during my school days having a JVC audio setup. Recently, they have launched their home audio products in India and what am going to review here is the JVC TH-DKN-80, a tower speaker. They also have a wide portfolio of bluetooth speakers retailing in India. While my preference have changed when it comes to listening audio, its a long journey of progression from a small cassette player during my childhood days to wired home theatre speakers sets which latter gave way to clutter free bluetooth speaker experience but finally its now Alexa Echo that sits at my desk. When the JVC TH-DKN-80 came in my home, it took me back to those days when I head-banged on my home theatre music but then it also syncs with my preferences and to know what and how, go ahead read my review.  

Box contents

Out of the box you get:
  • two tower speakers,
  • user manual,
  • warranty card,
  • remote, batteries for the remote,
  • audio cable
  • and FM antenna.


The JVC TH-DKN-80 has a classic wood design giving it a premium retro look. The build and finishing is good and it can be accommodated into any room ambience.  The speaker is 3 feet tall. Both the speakers look similar while the controls are in the right speaker. Both the speakers has 50W output each and together they pump up a 100W. The left speaker is connected to the right via a cable that comes out of the box. The left speaker comes with LED display that shows the volume, trebles if you change and also the various connectivity options as you change to them. There are also onboard button that can be used to control the features like volume, treble, track change but it can be easily done with the remote also. Talking about the remote, its very handy and gives complete control over the speakers. You can shift between various connectivity options, tweak the bass and treble and usual stuffs like play/ pause, track changes and volume controls. If you are listening to music from card or pendrive you can also use the numeric buttons for shifting to a particular song in an order. There are 2 Tweeters, 2 8-inch Subwoofers.

Multi-connectivity options

The JVC tower speaker offers an array of connectivity options.
  • Bluetooth – you can pair your smartphone, laptop or tablet via bluetooth for wireless connectivity (in my case, my Alexa Echo is paired to it and I love the extra boom)
  • Set it up with your TV for theater experience or along with other existing home theater receiver you might have.
  • Aux port allows to connect laptop, computer or other external audio sources
  • Memory card slot
  • USB port , if you have stashed your audio files in a pendrive
  • FM
So it basically covers for every scenarios.


The JVC TH-DKN-80 can pump up good volume for a living room. There is no distortion when you crank up the volume and the bass is quiet rich but you can of course if you like more of treble you can notch it up too. The low range is bit limited, so the low notes gets muffled up in the boom. The clarity lacks a bit too and the sound stage is not wider either. So if you are looking at a boom-full of audio at a modest price for tower speaker, this JVC tower speaker will be nicer for you. The FM works good, and I had no issues connecting via various options it has. The bluetooth range is good too. The remote is very handy and if you have Alexa at home, you can pair it with your Echo speakers for the extra bass. This speaker is really bass heavy.


At the price it is retailing in India now (Rs 11,999) JVC TH-DKN-80 sounds a good proposition. If you love the extra bass for watching your movies or listening audio, this should please you plus, it offers multitude of connectivity options that makes it attractive.]]>

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