Corsair Vengeance M65 review – A great gaming mouse for FPS

To begin the Corsair Vengeance M65 review on a lighter note, am I the only one or do you agree that this gaming rodent looks inspired by the head gear of Predator movie?! Whatever be the design inspiration, Vengeance M65 looks wicked, menacing and in the same breath appealing. You might either like it or just dislike it, the rodent does not fall into borderline. Looks apart what matters most is how it performs during our gaming bouts and that is what we are going to find out in this review. Ask any serious gamer and he would know the importance of the right and dedicated gaming armory to give him that extra edge to separate the men from the boys. Vengeance M65 is particularly made with First-person shooters (FPS) genre in mind. It also happens to be my favorite genre. Vengeance M65 is the company’s upgrade to it’s earlier excellent weaponry, Vengeance M60. The upgraded mouse retains the same skin and design but has boosted the laser sensitivity to 8,200dpi. Under the hood it uses an upgraded Avago LaserStream sensor – the ADNS-9800 that replaces  the ADNS-9500 that was in the M60. The upgrade gives a top-notch 8,200 dpi super sensitivity. If that is too much to handle, you can drop down the dpi and also have three profile setting to any value between 50 dpi and that tall 8,200 mark. We will talk in length on this in a moment. A brushed aluminum unibody form the skeleton of Vengeance M65, while three plastic parts cover it but frees strategic openings to give the glimpse of the metal frame beneath. While the top soft-touch plastic is smooth, then two flanking contoured plates have a coarse texture to give a better grip and the thumb feels battle-ready on it. corsair-vengeance-m65-design [gallery link="file" ids="4319,4318,4317,4316,4310"] A dedicated sniper button is strategically located in the thumb side plate. When you are scrambling to take a long aim during a battle, you need maximum accuracy and the sniper button instantly lowers the M65’s DPI conveniently. A little above the top of the sniper button and on the edge of the right plastic panel is a pair of buttons which are per-configured to “forward” and “back” buttons. Talking about the configuration, Vengeance M65 like most gaming mice allows configuration options which we will talk in a while. corsair-vengeance-m65-snipper-button Wedged between the left and right click buttons is a metal tracking wheel with cuts in rubber giving a good feel and control during the navigations. A little above the wheel is buttons for DPI adjustments. corsair-vengeance-m65-scroll-wheel Five flat footings on the bottom gives the right amount of friction to minimize drag during movements. I usually hate those mouse pads and the flat footings make sure I don’t need them. Three removable weights are placed on the bottom, so you can choose the right mass for your hands. In case you are new to these weight-lifting operation, this is how it works. Notice that three screw type round rings? Each one is a weight and upon removal each one lightens the mouse a bit. corsair-vengeance-m65-bottom A thick braided chord is confidence-inducing, I have a habit of carelessly damaging the chords and this one promises high endurance. M65 is a wired mouse and there is no wireless option but it is understandable cos while the wireless keeps the desk clutter-free, wired-devices are free from interference and in the combative, explosive gaming world, precision is more important and wired mouse are more reliable. corsair-vengeance-m65-cable Once you hook the M65 to USB port, it glows blue. In case it distracts you, you can switch it off in the software control panel. corsair-vengeance-m65-blue-lit

 Vengeance M65 Performance analysis

A maximum DPI of 8,200 is the best you can find for gaming sensors and if that is like a hot potato for your hands, you can customize the DPI settings as per your liking anywhere from 50 to the max mark. For the on-the-fly DPI shifts, you have three level DPI  buttons to access. M65 allows for customization of the buttons, set the various DPI settings (including that of the sniper button) and assign profiles for easy access. For this, you need to download the control panel software from Corsair website and it is free. [gallery link="file" ids="4320,4321,4322"]
M65 is aimed at first-person shooter genres, if you are a serious MMO players and have leanings for button-laden mouse, you might have to take a look at Vengeance M95 which gives 15 programmable buttons as compared to M65’s 8 buttons. I don’t like a heavily buttoned mouse, so M65 suits me neat. If you are left-handed, Vengeance M65 offers you no respect. You have to look elsewhere. Vengeance M65 is amazingly accurate and stands among the best out there. There is absolutely no lag in responsiveness and along with the super-precise laser sensor, Vengeance M65 mouse proves to be one of the best weapon for serious gamers. On the ergonomics front, apart from the killer looks, it gives a very comfortable grip, the textures are great. M65 is more suited for claw and fingertip grips. [pros]
  • killer design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • lag-free responsiveness
  • super-precise laser sensor
[/pros] [cons]
  • Not for left-handed people

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