Bluedio T4 Review

Box contents: The Bluedio T4 comes in a neat looking black box complete with a magnetic flap. The box contents include:

  • T4 headphone
  • A soft carry pouch
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Audio cable with 3.5mm jack at both the ends
  • User manual

Design and Build quality

The T4 is available in three color choices – black , white and red. Being someone who adores bright colors, I picked up the bold red color. The design of the T4 Turbine is quiet premium and has a sturdy build quality complete with metal frame and faux-leather padding. The protruding hinges might look a bit odd, but it worked well for me in terms of design. A bit different looking yet no complaints. The T4 is not entirely foldable,  so while you can fit it into the pouch it does take a bit more space than some other headphones that offer more foldable designs. The Bluedio T4 is a bit on the heavy side but it is still comfortable, though they are not very stable but only if you are running around with them. The headband is well padded and is adjustable, it even has marks with 1-10 to know the level of adjustments. The ear cans are also padded well and are satisfyingly soft and comfortable on ears. The ear cups rotate in only one direction. Its on-ear design.


All the controls are laid on the left can and has the metallic finish. There is the power on/off buttons and a bit above that is the multi-purpose button for play/pause, talk through. There is a single long button also that acts as the volume up/down button and also track skipping , though it took me couple of minutes to figure out how the track skip works on this single button. Also, the volume button is a bit behind and not easy to access intuitively. The surface of the can has the ANC switch which is a bit stiff to use. In short, the Bluedio T4 has a durable design and is clearly made to withstand a decent amount of rough use and handling.


The Bluedio T4 is an average-sounding pair of closed-back headphones but fares positively better considering its price point. The T4 Turbing has a deep and extended Bass, an average Mid and a decent Treble reproduction.  The bass is bit full and to the liking of many of the average users.  The bass though is relatively flat. The treble range is covered well. Sound stage is not very roomier and is bit tight. The T4 has a decent noise cancellation performance but the small opening and the on the ear design does not seal the ears entirely, leaving some vents for ambient noise. The audio leak is there too , though not very much but its there. Now coming to the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) , I ended up using most times without enabling it, ANC works in theory by smoothening the low frequency of noises by picking them with the mics on the cans but in T4 I found them shredding the low bass rumbles of the music too and make it less thin, so I preferred listening without ANC on. Battery life is pretty good. The stated hours is 19 hours and I got pretty close to it. Even charging time is pretty fast and took me around 1 hours 40 minutes for a full charge from zero. Plus, even if the battery dies, you can use the audio cable to continue listening music. In short, for the price bracket again T4 Turbing doesn’t give me much scope for complaints.


Bluedio T4 is a decent pair of headphones which are bit bass-heavy. They are good for use while commuting also and a good battery life means it makes a good companion while on travel. If you like the Bluedio T4 check it on the Banggood website by clicking HERE. You can also try this code ad7b11 to avail 20% discount.    ]]>

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