Asus ZenEar Review AHSU001

This is going to be a no frills review since the product I got here is a budget earphone. What I have is Asus ZenEar AHSU001 . I love music and I was using this for couple of days for my music diet and here is my opinion on this ZenEars. Priced at MRP of Rs 1299 but you do get it at Rs 699, almost half the price at Amazon and Flipkart, so let’s see if it worth the pick. While I like the over-the-ear headphones for some serious music and gaming, the in-ear headphones are convenient, very handy to carry around and you can simply slip it in your pocket. What we get out of the box with most budget and even mid-ranger phones these days are very basic audio plugs and some brands don’t even ship them out of the box. The ZenEars are essentially an entry-level earphones that fares slightly better than the very basic, ultra-low cost earphones. The ZenEar comes in a neat package and you also get additional two pairs of soft tips in different sizes out of the box. Asus-ZenEar-box The design of the ZenEar is elementary. Looks a bit like the Mi Piston 3 earphones. The earpiece flaunts the characteristic Asus signature concentric-circle design which is a common trait in their phone ranges too. Asus-ZenEar_2 I wouldn’t talk too much of the chord, the wires are bit thin but thicker than the one’s usually packed with most of the Mobile phones. I prefer flat wires which makes it tangle free but Asus has settled for the more common rubberized rounded wires and they are 1.15 meters long. Unless you are out and right reckless in handling the wires, the wires should stand good for a bit long time. Asus-ZenEar-cable The chord leading to the 3.5 mm connector does not terminate in an L-shaped plug , while the L-shaped plug and the straight plug has its own advantages and disadvantages, it also depends on the port positioning of your phone, one fair advantage this set up scores is easy connecting to the audio jack with your mobile case on, some L-shaped setup has difficulty with some cases. While there is a call attend button / pause button along with a microphone , there are no volume controls. As far as the sound quality, the ZenEar could be a decent upgrade from the ultra low-cost Earphones. It has a decent bass but the low notes gets ironed out when you listen to complex mix of sounds. The ZenEars has its own limitation handling low notes, and the limitations is more pronounced when the music has a wider range. Cranking up the volume very high, also sets in the discomfort and you would naturally refrain from doing so. Asus-ZenEar-_1 The MRP price looks a bit steep for what ZenEar offers but at the discounted price at which it is available (Rs 699 or US$ 10) , I would not blame much about the quality and performance in general. I don’t want to raise any expectations here, simply put Asus ZenEar is a modest entry-level in-earphones. If you are someone who are in the habit of loosing earphones or breaking them or simply want to carry on for your gym, this could pass on.]]>

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